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  1. M4KTT

    Impatiently waiting!

    Yes I've had several drives of my brothers black '17 sportback. Nothing beats the grumble of a V8 but the V6T is a good engine still.
  2. M4KTT

    Impatiently waiting!

    long time dormant lerker here.... I am also watching with eagerness to find out where my S5 SB is! Ordered on the 16th August. Its been sat at Emden for about 10days, Ive been watching the Weser highway and Makassar highway and anything else Emden-grimsby, but this morning it changed status to...
  3. M4KTT

    Soon to be new owner (sorry for long post!)

    the fluctuating temp gauge might well be a faulty temp coolant sensor(green 4 wire) ideally located tight between the firewall and engine block just out of fingers reach held in with a clip thats a ******* to line up again... they commonly dealers stock them. search the forum for...
  4. M4KTT

    My Audi A4 Avant GMBH How Much Is It Worth Thinking Of Selling It...?

    I assume its cloth seeing as its not mentioned in the spec and theres no internal pics. its a 1.9tdi sport, so I think a good starting price would be 7250? and take 6500+ looks clean. silvers suit the rs6's. looks like the fat ***** sister of my saloon! i think silver and the votex kit make...
  5. M4KTT

    Aero wipers

    there is no retro fit available for the silly audi specific clips found on 01,02,03 cars.., therefore you need to replace the wiper arms too. I searched high and low with no success, but finally moved the goal posts and searched ebay for audi a4 breaking. I bagged a set inc. blades delivered...
  6. M4KTT

    A few questions about the 2001-2002 A4s

    1.8T can suffer from a blocked oil pick up pipe...especially around 60-70k...and almost definately if its been on AVS(Audi Variable Servicing) Servicing which basically pushes services out to 18-20k miles... 1.8T's can also suffer from knackered Diverter valves, commonly if the cars been...
  7. M4KTT

    Xenons and radio interference

    Has anyone ever had a problem with poor radio reception / signal when they switch their xenons on? I've had the retrofit kit in for probably 24months, and when on start up(headlights) the radio reception is improves once the lamps have warmed up but still inst perfect until i switch...
  8. M4KTT

    Wiper arms and wiper blades

    I've messaged every s-line breaker advert on ebay...... ;-) thinking outside the box.. got myself a set off an 07 including the blades delivered for 35quid. :)
  9. M4KTT

    Wiper arms and wiper blades

    My wiper arms have corroded at the mounting point and has peeled the paint off...common problem I believe with the arms.... so I've decided to tidy the car up , I'm tempted to buy new arms that will let me fit the aero style wiper blades as my blades now need replacing... I've tried searching...
  10. M4KTT


    How much will it cost me to get set up on my lap top to monitor things through vag-com? eg lead, software etc... Can it monitor lots of things whilst the car is being driven?
  11. M4KTT

    Beware in Liverpool!!!!

    Theres a sprint blue RS4 estate with stealth lights but its not police though. its bomb response or something along those lines...
  12. M4KTT

    EPC and eng managment warning lights help!!

    throttle positioner can also bring EPC light on....I've had that aswell...I just stripped and cleaned it.
  13. M4KTT

    1.8t running problems

    All sorted guys. car runs fine now. had the MAF sensor replaced and the oil switch in the sump. changed the oil and filter whilst it was out too..
  14. M4KTT

    EPC and eng managment warning lights help!!

    Or the coil packs..... This will cause judder and leave the engine managment light on... next time its juddering. pull over and one by one unplug the coil packs if nothing changes its a faulty coil pack. is the best bet...
  15. M4KTT

    Repairing / Replacing Interiour Trim

    its the coating scratched off by people with jewelry and keys in their hands etc. I dont think there will be any cars without some wear and tear around this area!!!
  16. M4KTT

    New Member

    Sludge warranty motor???? whats the change? reveal more!! Over here Audi palm us uff with this problem under warranty! I think theres about 10+ of us on here that have had replacement turbos/engines at our own expense! Seems like you work for audi from the photos!?
  17. M4KTT

    DIS warning symbol..Engine oil sensor faulty

    cheers. I'll stick my head under and have a look. I think I'll get it replaced with an oil change whilst its in for fault finding.. at least I'll have the option to take it back should anything happen.....
  18. M4KTT

    DIS warning symbol..Engine oil sensor faulty

    My pick up blocked on the way to cornwall back when gloucester flooded (07?) so it did the turbo bearings in...I had the turbo replaced and the sump off and pickup replaced.. it then got its major service cambelt oil etc abot 6 months later, then it did about 6000miles( 12 months) and got...
  19. M4KTT

    DIS warning symbol..Engine oil sensor faulty

    Not again! I've already replaced the turbo once before...I got low pressure warning last time... Its had castrol edge oil too...and i've not done many miles..... its going in to volksmania in the wirral on monday.
  20. M4KTT

    DIS warning symbol..Engine oil sensor faulty

    its the same symbol as this except it says 'SENSOR' instead of 'MIN'. manual says to take to dealer(no chance!) and have the oil level sensor checked. oil levels are fine. and the oil is getting to the top end as i have a weep from my rocker gasket...