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  1. vrbob

    FMIC fitted :)

    Yes mate all that pipework stayed the same when I switched FMIC cores as they both had 63mm outlets. the only thing I had to do was trim the pipes connecting to the new wellycooler down as of course its much wider than the old small cooler.
  2. vrbob

    *** Feedback For Crawley Audi Meet 7th June 2015***

    Was a good little meet and Crawley Audi did a lovely job of keeping us petrol heads entertained. nice sarnies and coffee too :) Was good meeting a few other ASNers and of course seeing some cars old and new! Looking forward to any pics as of course as per usual I forgot my camera.
  3. vrbob

    Radio interference when using heated rear screen.

    Best bet to find the broken parts is first to get the rear screen fogged up (use your breath) and see which lines don't work. Then get a torch and put it on the inside of the glass as you look in from outside. Move along the line and see if you can find an broken sections or as I found a section...
  4. vrbob

    Radio interference when using heated rear screen. This is the stuff :)
  5. vrbob

    ASN Crawley Audi Dealership meet Sunday 7th June 2015

    1. kwistof (Chris) - Audi S3 8l 2. leshkin (Alexei) - Audi S3 8P Sportback 3. DescendDescend (Howard) - Audi S3 8V Sportback 4. 347 (john) - Audi S3 5. Coddy85 (Chris) - A3 Saloon or S1 (if it's delivered by then) 6. vrbob (Rob) - Audi S3 8L (old skool) 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17...
  6. vrbob

    ASN Crawley Audi Dealership meet Sunday 7th June 2015

    if I have the time and money I will try to come as was gutted I missed the last one
  7. vrbob

    Frustrating Airbag Light

    Hope you sorted this but if not I had a similar issue when I had a small water leak as the water made the rear seatbelt tensioner damp and this caused the same code you had which put the airbag light on. Once I had fixed the leak and dried out the seatbelt mechanism I cleared the code again and...
  8. vrbob

    Tried Everything but the fault won't go.......... Help Please

    Yes mate mine runs perfectly now and will start first turn of the key even when basically running on fumes. I took the fuel system apart and had the injectors serviced. Made sure it was all nice and clean and that the FPR was in good condition (o rings) I also replaced the fuel lines in and out...
  9. vrbob

    Tried Everything but the fault won't go.......... Help Please

    That's defo dirty dude so give it a clean but be careful as they can be damaged during cleaning. But I am pretty sure the car should still start ok even with that sensor unplugged so I don't think its the issue your looking for. I would wonder why it was that dirty though as its not been long...
  10. vrbob

    Tried Everything but the fault won't go.......... Help Please

    SAI = secondary air intake system. Mine doesn't have one as its a BAM engine so not sure if yours has one or not. Defo check the fueling as when it runs if its all ok it has to be something to do with the start up procedure so do the basic checks and make sure its getting fuel to all the right...
  11. vrbob

    Any other S3’s W *** VRK on here?

    Mine is full UK spec (lots of extras too!) but its an import from Germany as I have the original german pressed number plates with its birthday stamped on them which I found in the boot after purchasing the car. Also when I went for my original revo stage 1 remap they had issues mapping the car...
  12. vrbob

    Exit point for sunroof drainage channel?

    What I said with pictures :)
  13. vrbob

    Exit point for sunroof drainage channel?

    Hi mate, Ive not been on here in a while but just popped on and saw your post. Funnily enough I have been playing the leaking sunroof game too but I have eventually won and have a nice dry car again :) From your sig pic it looks like you have a 3 door (a3 or s3) which should mean yours should...
  14. vrbob

    Steering rack issue

    Yay another semi local S3 :) Sorry to hear that its already causing an issue though check out this thread as me and Tom managed to swap out his old steering rack here is the thread...
  15. vrbob

    Fuel pump help needed

    Its a bit off a ball ache that part. The bit clips in the gap between the pump body and that plate where the wires run down. the gap fits onto the screw you can see behind the wires. You have to do this process blind as it wont fit into the hole with it attached so do it a couple of times out...
  16. vrbob

    ASN Crawley Audi Dealership meet Sunday 24th August

    1. kwistof (Chris) - Audi S3 8l 2. Willenium (Will) - Audi A4 B6 3. Alex_Wil (Alex) - Audi S3 8P 4. LukeTripod87 (Luke) - Audi S3 8P 5. MrAudi (Toby) - Audi RS3 6. andywil13 (Andrew) - Audi A3 SB 8V 7. vrbob (Rob) - Audi S3 8L 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  17. vrbob

    Continuing After run pump issues

    Universal additional electric water pump AUDI VW FORD OPEL MERCEDES-BENZ VOLVO | eBay I fitted one of these early this year
  18. vrbob

    Downpipe Gasket(s)

    Hello mate, the cat to dp gasket is a 2 bolt one so basically one of these Universal 3" 76mm Exhaust Performance Gasket 2 Bolt Steel Perforated 2 Hole | eBay Rob
  19. vrbob

    My S3 8L Progress Thread

    Top work fella and congrats on turning around a major issue and making something positive about it. onwards and upwards now my friend so bring on the POWAH!!!!
  20. vrbob

    s3dave - R.I.P.

    Holy cow! how long had he been ill? had a few bits off him whilst I have been on here like my heatshield and only got some fmic brackets from him last month. R.I.P Dave