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  1. Oke Phill

    Fk Ak street coilover

    I did not enjoy the ride of these and removed them. I replaced them with apex springs and im happy now. Its really split 50/50 on opinions on these, some love some hate, i took a punt at them and i did not like the ride of them, there was a strange secondary bounce with them + when i removed...
  2. Oke Phill

    Need more lows??

    I have the same bar the bilstiens as tuffty. I also have the polly front top mounts which lowers the front by another 10mm. The ride is spot on apex for the win! By they way i have had coil overs on my car as well and just did not like them.
  3. Oke Phill

    Audi A3 quattro vs ClioSport 172 vs Pulsar GtiR vs Passat TDI vs Jardo's old cars....

    You will get him in the end, just keep tuning.:yes:
  4. Oke Phill

    Audi A3 quattro vs ClioSport 172 vs Pulsar GtiR vs Passat TDI vs Jardo's old cars....

    172s feel flat, but when put up against other cars they do so well they weigh as much as a fag paper with 170ish bhp. I have owned 2 172s and loved them both, what made me get rid of mine was the cost of tuning vs power gains. You will need more than a mapped a3 for a clear win. Stick with it...
  5. Oke Phill

    Opinions please?!

    Not my cup of tea either, something just does not look right about it, i think the top line of the grille vs the line of the bonnet makes it look like the big grille is an after thought. I would save the money for something else.
  6. Oke Phill

    Oil catch can 19mm where from?

    I use the same can as A3lee has and mine works really well.
  7. Oke Phill

    Help with brake discs and pads

    Hi mate, i do believe you have the same kit as me. They are 993 calipers on the front. are they these? I was looking at replacing the disks, but due to the cost im going to change mine. If you do a search there is a thread that i believe Prawn started and there is a section that shows...
  8. Oke Phill

    Which cheap coilovers for a daily?

    I have just removed my fk street coilovers from my s3 that i use as my daily, as i did not like the ride of them for how low i wanted the car. I was getting a crashing feeling when hitting bumps, and a secondary bounce feeling when driving faster bumpy roads, and it felt like the whole car was...
  9. Oke Phill

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    You so gotta do that!!!
  10. Oke Phill

    random misfire/judder

    +1 for sure!
  11. Oke Phill

    What do you hate???

    Ahh happend again, someone trying to race my through town!! really gets on my wick! Im not going to waste my fuel on a integra!! Sorry rant over:thumbsup:
  12. Oke Phill

    S3 at AmD Essex for loving/modding, anything else to add to this list while there?

    Bit of a pointless thread. I wouls recomend reading, westys, stacys prawns and tufftys build thread (sorry if i missed any other good threads this is as far as i have got), in my opinion nearlly all the info + research + testing has been done to a hi level. i wish i had read these threads...
  13. Oke Phill

    problem with my s3

    Mine does this every now and again. One thing i did do was remove my intercooler and pipe work and flush it through as i had a fair build up of oily gloopy substance in there. Now i think about it it has not done it since i cleaned them out. I must invest in a catch can really. Sorry not...
  14. Oke Phill

    thinking of tracking my s3

    WTF going on er then! Mate Strip it, track it, spend a **** load on it, enjoy it!!happy days!! Just hide the bills from the missus, i find this gives me a quiet Phill
  15. Oke Phill

    What colour wheels?

    Green all the way!!
  16. Oke Phill

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Bloodyspot on! Epic car Nick. It will be good to see what track times you achieve next year vs what you go this year.
  17. Oke Phill

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Made it to combe at last, learnt alot very quickly and **** my pants. Totally hooked just questioning if i should use my s3 or start another one? not sure?
  18. Oke Phill

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Prawn, Do you ever think you will go down the route of getting a bigger turbo? or would you stick to the ko4 or same size ish? Thanks Phill
  19. Oke Phill

    Knocking noise.

    Just a thought, but get under your car and check your sub frame bolt under the passenger floor well has not come lose. Mine did and it caused exactly the issue you are having, may be a easy fix. Thanks Phill
  20. Oke Phill

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Love it!! Prawn you have done such a good job with this, well done bud. I love the pic of the out side of the car, it looks raw! Prawn i cant find a clear pic of how you have mounted your cage to thewheel arches at the back. did you make feet for it to bolt to, or did you bolt it straight to...