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    Hi guys, I have an Audi A3 8P passenger side doorcard armrest for sale. There are no holes or cracks in the material. The clips and upper tab (that is screwed to the doorcard itself) are all intact. Please see the ebay advert for pics and more information:
  2. DJ_26

    Help! Anyone here changed their A3 8P BKD cam belt themselves?

    So important to fit new stretch bolts and torque correctly! The fool I gave my car too, didn't renew these and/or didn't torque these up correctly. Over time the bolt loosened and one day the engine fell to one side. One bolt had damaged the threads and another one bent within the block. Ruined...
  3. DJ_26

    For Sale A3 3Dr Doorcards - High Spec With ALL LIGHTS (puddle, red "door open" and ambient lights)

    Wiring loom, all lights and door handles sold. All that remains are the door cards in basic form with the speaker grilles. PM if interested, need it gone!
  4. DJ_26

    For Sale A3 3Dr Doorcards - High Spec With ALL LIGHTS (puddle, red "door open" and ambient lights)

    Price drop! £20 for both door cards with the wiring looms and lights all included! Postage available at extra cost or collection welcome from IG11.
  5. DJ_26

    Sold Darkside Braided Turbo Oil Feed Line for 1.9 and 2.0 TDI engines

    I have for a sale a brand new high quality braided oil feed line for the 1.9 TDI and 2.0TDI engines. This was originally bought for my A3 8P 2.0TDI, but i have since sold the car, so never got a chance to fit it. For a full description, please visit the Darkside Developments website...
  6. DJ_26

    For Sale A3 3Dr Doorcards - High Spec With ALL LIGHTS (puddle, red "door open" and ambient lights)

    Hi guys, I have a pair of door cards to fit any 3Dr A3 8P (2003-2012). They are in very good condition and I believe they were removed from a high spec car, as they have puddle lights, the red "door ajar/open" lights and finally the ambient lights under the door handles, which a lot of A3s...
  7. DJ_26

    Sold A3/S3 8P 3dr (2003-2012) MY11 rear lights (the darker ones) Brand new

    Hi all, I have a brand-new set of darker MY11 rear lights that can be fitted to all 3dr A3 8Ps. It is currently for sale on eBay: Thanks!
  8. DJ_26

    Are you up to debate on the sitting comfort scale of the 8p?

    I could go on all day with my gripes about the A3 seat + driving position. I owned my A3 8P for 6.5 years and did 110k miles in that time, so I spent a lot of time in the car! I'm 5ft 10 and my weight varied between 74kg-84kg in that time :) 1) I've always felt that when holding the steering...
  9. DJ_26

    For Sale Powerflex bushes - A3 8P (2003-2012)/MK5 Golf

    Hi guys, I have these powerflex bushes that are brand new and have never been fitted. They will fit VW Golf MK5 and Audi A3 8P models that have a front anti-roll bar diameter of 22.5mm. They may also fit similar Seat and Skoda models, please check the powerflex website to see if the model number...
  10. DJ_26

    Corrosion front wheel arch

    There all sorts of surprises when you peel back the wheel arch liner on these Audis (and probably most other cars as well). Check out the post I made on this thread from 2017:
  11. DJ_26

    Sold Genuine Audi A3 8P (2003-2012) Armrest - Grey fabric lid

    Hi guys I have for sale a genuine Audi A3/S3 8P armrest with the grey fabric lid. This was a spare armrest I had, but my A3 has been sold so no longer needed. The grey fabric lid is in fairly good condition with a little bit of wear towards the front edge (see photo). The armrest catch is not...
  12. DJ_26

    What movies do you watch over and over

    Good shout! For some reason I only really remember the butter scene.
  13. DJ_26

    Corrosion front wheel arch

    That has bubbled up quite badly. My A3 was 15 years old and tt never had any rust on this location. It was starting to rust on the lowest part of the wing (in front of the sill), which is pretty normal. In your case, I wouldn't even bother going to Audi for it. They may even ask if the car has...