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    Xenon motor part number

    Are they replacing the motor or the ECU controller?
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    Oil Leaked

    To be fair to them, once we'd pointed out to them that the bolts were loose (my Dad spotted that at least 2 of them weren't even finger tight) they pulled their finger out and got it sorted the same day. They've assured me that theres no damage to the engine, but got them to put in writing that...
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    Oil Leaked

    Turns out the dealer hadn't bothered to tighten the bolts that hold the timing chain tensioner in place when they replaced it before Christmas. Another top quality bit of service!!
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    Tech letter - xenon motors

    Took me 8 visits to my local dealer to get this fixed on mine. After I finally managed to convince them there was actually a problem (visit number 5 i think) they repeatedly told me that it definitely wouldn't be the motor, until they ran out of other ideas and chaged the motor.
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    Oil Leaked

    Driving home from work this evening, glanced in the mirror and thought there seemed to be a bit of smoke coming out the back of the car, took a second look and everything seemed normal, so thinking i'd maybe just driven past a bonfire or something, carried on with the car running normally right...
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    What happened to the AMD threads?

    Wasn't it mentioned in one of the deleted posts that AMD only host this site and do not get involved with the day to day running of it???
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    TT Wheels - you can book with Parcelforce, DHL or Parceline and its cheaper than going to the couriers direct if you don't have an account.
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    alloy fitment

    As far as I know genuine Audi RS6 wheels wont fit an A3
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    MAF cleaning question

    As far as I know its just the wire, but I think theres 2 bits and I'm not sure how easy it would be to get to the one at the back with a cotton bud.
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    MAF cleaning question

    Just been out in it again and it seems to be going as well as it did when I first got it, so think the new MAF can wait a while. My audi dealer has finally fixed my headlight leveling problem, after only 7 visits! so i'm back to being a happy S3 owner (apart from the slight rattle and creaking...
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    Front indicator bulb

    Do a search for silvervision on Rhe only fitting they seem to do is PY21W - not sure if thats correct for an a3
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    MAF cleaning question

    Taking it up to the red line (although that only read 6800 in vagcom) its still only peaking at 146g/s
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    MAF cleaning question

    its peaking at 141g/s at 6000RPM - Should I be taking it right to the line?
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    MAF cleaning question

    Cleaned it up last night and its certainly going a hell of a lot better, but not sure if its still quite right - its now peaking at just over 140g/s. From what I've read it should be peaking at about 168g/s for a 210 S3 - is it worth replacing the MAF?
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    Engine management light on dash

    I asked my local dealer the same question when my engine managemnt light came on. He said it was OK to drive, but if it started running badly to stop and call Audi Roadside Assistance. I guess you could probably call Roadside assistance out anyway if you're worried.
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    MAF cleaning question

    What symptoms were you guys getting before you changed them? Mine doesn't seem to be running rough, but it seems to be taking longer to build up speed and revs escpecially in third. I've done some test with vagcom and in January it was peaking at just under 150g/s but its down to about 110g/s...
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    my previous cars

    Fiat Uno SX Citroen AX GT Renault 5 GT Turbo Citroen Saxo VTR Landrover Series 2a (still own) VW Scirocco Scala Alfa 145 Cloverleaf Landrover Series 3 Lightweight (still Own) Renault Clio 172 Cup Audi S3
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    MAF cleaning question

    Finally decided to clean my MAF today. Looking round on here and on the net there seems to be 2 different methods. isopropanol spray - or isopropanol bath - Anyone got any opinions on which is best (and...
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    Recaro headrest hanger.

    I nearly manage to smack one of my mates in the face with the headrest everytime he gets in the back anyway. That would be just enough to do the job properly (and teach him to stop blagging lifts) Where do I order?
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    Recaro headrest hanger.

    also means you don't get an impression of your backseat passangers face on the back of your headrest in the event of an accident. These truely are multifunctional devices.