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  1. DomH

    Retrofit cruise control??

    Yep it's very possible. Comes as a complete kit with trims etc. A wire has to be run to the ECU but it's no issue for someone who knows what they are doing
  2. DomH

    What have you done today?

    SORN'd it
  3. DomH

    S1 buying guide / advice ?

    That's the other Dom, I had mine first :P
  4. DomH

    S1 buying guide / advice ?

    Sometimes they will cover them as goodwill because they know they aren't up to the job, but it all depends on the dealer to be honest Buy my car, it has an uprated clutch fitted already :)
  5. DomH

    Servicing at Main Dealer or Independent Specialist?

    Stamps are long gone, it's all digital service schedules now. Garages can have access to the digital service system and create service records, mostly likely big VAG specialists etc.
  6. DomH

    My S1 - Smurf!

    She sold the car, the new owner is part of the facebook group but not here I believe
  7. DomH

    Left dipped light malfunction

    I work at a dealer, and have changed many under warranty
  8. DomH

    Left dipped light malfunction

    Will be covered under warranty if the car is still under 3 years old/60k
  9. DomH

    [request] Brake bleed calliper procedure

    Start from the OSF > NSF > OSR > NSR, then do the clutch too. Dealers use a machine that screws onto the reservoir and pressurizes the system so you can bleed them easily
  10. DomH

    Folding mirrors issue and collecting next Friday

    VCDS is easier as the coding tells you exactly what you are changing. The dealer use ODIS and won't know what they are coding unless they have the code from another S1 to copy
  11. DomH

    Folding mirrors issue and collecting next Friday

    You can program it in on older cars, I don't get why they just don't put it in the MMI like on other models
  12. DomH

    Strange noise

    Does sound like a pulley, try removing the auxillary belt and running the engine, if the noise goes you know there's a defective bearing on a pulley
  13. DomH

    clunky change from first to second

    Mine was the same, I fit a new second gear and synchromesh. It's a lot better but still not perfect, I've driven other S1's that are the same, and other 6 speed quattro boxes can be the same unfortunately
  14. DomH

    s1 clutch

    Transfer box can come out with the box, saves you have to refill the oil for it A picture of everything I removed to get mine off
  15. DomH

    BCS Powervalve S1 Downpipe and 200 cell Cat With titanium Thermal wrap

    Don't suppose you still have this?
  16. DomH

    Hi from Antwerp, Belgium

    Lovely! Shame the steering wheel is on the wrong side :whistle2:
  17. DomH

    Insane squeaking noise

    I believe so, hopefully it is that and not something more serious although warranty will cover anything
  18. DomH

    Insane squeaking noise

    I believe there is a common fault with sound deadening rubbing on the steering column
  19. DomH

    Exhaust silencers / Remus

    Loads of videos on facebook in the S1 group of what they sound like with both the silencers deleted
  20. DomH

    Anyone got the panoramic roof.

    The roof is nice on summer days but overall I don't think it's worth it, they can rattle and creak which is a bit annoying