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  1. Callum Jarvis

    2019 A1 No CD/DVD Player

    Hey guys and gals, Haven't been on the A1 forum really since I got my A3 over a year ago but feels good to be back. I was at Audi this week taking in our family Q7 for something and had a chance to look at the new A1. It looks leaps and bounds better than the old one (wish they kept the same...
  2. Callum Jarvis

    New Headunit & Bose VCDS/VAG Com Coding

    Hi guys I'm new to posting on the forum although have been reading for ages now. I have a little problem and was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I have a Bose sound system fitted from factory but decided I wanted to upgrade my head-unit (Original RMC Connect plus) due to not having...