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    Heater blower

    Hi, need to replace my heater blower motor, i have a second hand one but how can i connect it up to battery to test prior to fitting? It has thick red/blue wire and thick brown thats live and earth i take it but also has thin yellow and brown/black wire? Dont want to take old out and fit this...
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    audi a4 2003 beeping??

    hi, my 2003 audi a4 avant has started beeping in the boot? not as loud as an alarm and indicators dont flash like alarm is going off? i think ive read on this model and year the alarm system is in the boot but i also know the alarm battery pack is flat (as when alarm goes off indicators flash...
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    central locking/ electric windows probs

    hi, i have a 2003 a4 sline avant, the key fob only works when it wants so have to unlock most of the time with the key then turn ignition on, this then activates central locking on all other doors, the problem is now the rear doors boot and fuel cap are not unlocking plus my electric windows not...
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    battery problems!!!

    hi, put new battery on next day an car as good asnew, thanks
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    battery problems!!!

    hi, just asking if anyone has any ideas on battery being drained? always started first time everytime until i went to use fri nite but battery was dead? after bump starting it i done a 5 mile trip an noticed the rear interior light was on so asumed kids had switched one day before hence why...
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    HELP!! Alarm noise coming from boot!!!!!

    hi, can anyone help with my sline a4 estate 03? there is a alarm noise coming from my boot not as loud as normal alarm but beeps for min or so then pauses an starts again, this is happening when car is locked or unlocked and even when driving! any sugestions be very grateful, thanks