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    A4 Quattro Turbo - Poorly...Need a good place to get it fixed

    cheers!, A tad too far!, Electrics box of tricks in the rear footwell filled with water and knackered it - seems that box is responsible for the alarm, central locking, electric windows etc. I reckon it needs a new box and the jobs a good un! Probably wrong though!! Cheers, Toby
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    A4 Quattro Turbo - Poorly...Need a good place to get it fixed

    My brother has my Old T Plate A4 1.8 Quattro Turbo sport but it has some issues - a) It needs an MOT b) The wiper motor is VERY noisy c) the alarm / electrics box of tricks in the rear wheel well got soaked as it filled with water, Therefore taken out as alarm was constantly going off, No...
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    Morning all, does anyone know where i can obtain a passenger side Front fog lamp for a 99 Facelift A4 Quattro Sport? Mine has smashed somehow. Or can i just replace the glass without being fleeced by Audi. Cheers, Toby
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    This is very strange.......

    I have a 99 A4 1.8T Quattro Sport and have had handling issues for ages. It has had the twitchiest steering i have ever known on a car and in some cases was irritating to drive. I have twice taken it to Walton Audi who were very helpful but on both occasions could not find what the problem was...
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    Driver Info Display - 99 A4

    Just found this - doesn't really shed any more light in the subject though. Someone must have done a cheeky swapout without being made bankrupt in the process...
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    Driver Info Display - 99 A4

    Cheers Patrick - i think i will keep my eyes closed slightly when i drive ( i may not notice it then) whereas i think i may notice a dent in my bank account for £800! Neil, i like your website and the car pics, I wondered why your MPG was 20 and so decided to have a look at what you have...
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    Driver Info Display - 99 A4

    Hi All, my driver Info display on the dash starts to dim out in areas when the car has been on for a while. I guess that it gets warm and fades, i am sure that i have seen a post on this before but cant find it. Anyone know the cost of replacing and whether the dash has to be unplugged etc to...
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    Wireless network thingy stuff ... any advice?

    I have known Jas since 97 and worked with him at Ingram (was Sphinx CST at the time - yes he is still there) Toby
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    Whistle from the Turbo

    my QTS is quiet, can hear slightly when stereo not on though.
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    What would you recommend for a runabout?

    Why not go for something like this? £1150.00 1994 AUDI 80 2.0E, 1994, L reg. stunning blue, pas, r/c/locking, 4 x e/windows, mirrors, e/sunroof, fsh, 1 yrs MoT, 6 months tax, beautiful condition, bargain. £1,150.
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    17" QUATTRO ALLOYS from A4 1.8T Quattro Sport

    Hi Joolz, if they are in mint nick with no corrosion then i would suggest £400-500? Just had mine refurbed. What have you got on the car now? Toby
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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Quality reading!!! You know you shouldnt get wound up by it as you know you would out run them anyday of the week. The day before i got married, i got on the M3 at Sunbury to carry on straight at the end and go M27 East to wards Portsmouth. Some geezer at Camberly in a van drove like an ****...
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    Four bleeps

    Hi All, Now married and back from hols.... my ****** car was silent for weeks and then the other day it bleeped!! I have no idea what the problem is, Audi don't seem to know either! The alarm sound is rather odd - gone are the days off the "Moss" alarm system from Halfords that seemed to go...
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    does the A4 saloon have fold down rear seats?

    I would agree on the "trip" issue. Stupid isn't it?? Golf's have had a 2 setting trip for years - started big bumper 1990?? i think. setting 1 was a continous setting like in the Audi, setting 2 reset itself if you didn't use the car for a couple of hours!!
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    Four bleeps

    I posted something last month about this and am still trying to find out what it is. Always 4 beeps and intermittent, all warning lights work etc, and everthing tip top. Car about to go in for service so will ask and see what they say. Toby
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    Should I buy an Elise?

    Excellent cars. Extremely good fun and very nice to drive considering the "spartan" interior. My mate bought an "Exige" a couple of months ago.(gets bored of cars very easily) but can't get enough of this little machine. This one has had a Bell & Colville upgrade and has a 0-60 of 3.7...
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    dashboard lights

    It could of course be the bulb(s) in the dash itself. My last Audi i changed the dash bulbs about 4 times in 2 years. Most people cannot be bothered. A lttle more involving than changing a fuse unfortunately and requires removal of the dash binnacle to change the little blighters. Check also...
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    Couple of general questions........

    Good form, cheers to all. My Handbook refers to the pre-facelift model which mine is not. Will get a new one from Audi when it is serviced next week. Jeezus i love my motor. Toby
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    Couple of general questions........

    When i start my car in the morning, after a couple of secs i get 4 beeps from what sounds like the boot?? (doesn't have parking sensors) - any ideas? Also when sitting in traffic for a while and the car gets hot, occassionally one of the tappetts gets particularly loud. Oil level is fine etc...
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    Speaker Mods

    Felt more like slippage. Normally pulling right or left out of a junction is ace as it doesn't wheelspin just masses of grip. I haven't really served it up though really hard. Any nutters out there who regularly put these things sideways or can shed more light on Quattro systems? Luvverly, Toby