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    Plastic key

    My key was in there when a druggie broke in an rummaged through my glove box. Luckily he didnt get the key or my Ipod. All I can say is that the plastic key storage is not one of Audis best ideas (unless they start supplying bullet proof glass as standard).
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    Tyre sizes, does it matter?

    So I was driving home from work the other day and saw an advert at the local ATS for 30% off Mitchelin Tyres when you buy 4. As my tyres are fast aproaching the end of their life and this kind of offer doesnt come round every day I thought I would run a quote. I couldn't remeber the exact size...
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    electronic handbrake

    I believe its supposed to auto apply, I would not trust it though. I would like to know if its possible to get a retrofit and remove what is possibly the worst design feature of any car on the road today.
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    3.0 TDi worth the extra to the 2.0?

    As I said, my car is a manual so I can decide what gear to be in. On the motorway, even a busy stop start run on the M6 past Birmingham, I have seen the DIS read over 49mpg. I know the real world figures are different as the cars lifetime reads 41.5mpg where fuelly is 39.5mpg. I'd love to try...
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    3.0 TDi worth the extra to the 2.0?

    I would go 3.0tdi every time, round town you will get 25-30mpg, on a motorway you will get around 45-50mpg and when you want to get round the Sunday drivers it acts like its been drinking red bull (other drinks are available). I'm not sure about the auto box, everyone talks about poor mpg for...
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    Jukebox problems

    Sorry if this as already been discussed before but I could not find any posts. Does anyone use the jukebox on a 3G MMI system and has had issues copying music to it? When I got my car I used a SD card to copy music to it. After filling the card twice I had coppied all the music I wanted to the...
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    2nd breakdown

    In the past I have had a lot of trouble with an S4, to the extent that it was in the garage for a month for repair while under waranty. I had a hire car for a while it was in and it didnt cost a penny. Even when it was out of waranty and had the clutch replaced, because I was towed in by the...
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    How unhappy are you?

    I've had my car about a month now and I must say that I think it is a great car. A couple of things I would change include ditching the electric hand brake and changing the footwell so that we have somewhere for our right foot (the A3 with a 2 litre engine has more room so why they cant do the...
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    If you try google "Precision Engineers Bradford" you will find loads of them. I'm not sure who will do it or if they can give advice on how safe it will be - I know I wouldnt advise on how likely safe the mod will be and I run a machine shop. Pick a company with a large lathe if they dont have...
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    DVD Sat Nav, AMI & Cables Questions

    You could just do what I did when I picked my car up - hand them the ipod so they get it to work. The ipod I have is from 2005 and wont work when connected with a cable designed for later versions of the ipod such as the ipod touch. I now have both versions of the cable.
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    Playing DVDs on Tech Pack High MMI?

    I understand its to do with the cable, I have the blue and red version as I have an ipod from 2005 and it wont work with the new cable. I was told I would need the new cable if I got a new ipod so I could play movies from it. I dont which colour is the new version but its worth asking Audi if...
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    Delivery mileage

    Well I picked the car up today - only 7 miles on the clock. I must admit its a great car, I just hope the MPG isnt as bad as people are saying it is on here.
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    Delivery mileage

    Thanks for the posts guys. I pick it up on Saturday so guess I will see how much they feel it needs to be checked - or if they think a 3L TDI is as much fun as an S3.
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    Delivery mileage

    Hi Guys, I am about to pick up my new car in the next couple of weeks and wonderd what milage was on the clock when anyone else picked up their brand new car? I only ask this because I have had 2 new cars in the past, a golf with 7 miles on the clock and a S3 with 70 miles on the clock. I...
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    Looking to buy...

    I'm not sure what deals can be had at Aberdeen. When ever I buy a car I always focus on the finance deal given that the total you pay includes the interest. Also make sure you get them to include all the extras such as gap insurance before you agree to purchase the car, or you will find your...
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    Ipod cables for Tech pack high

    I am due to pick my car up in about 2 weeks time, its awaiting ship to the UK. I have opted for the tech pack high so its good to know what to look for when I pick it. I had considered copying the music files onto and SD card to store on the juke box. Having read this post I wondered what the...
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    I know this is slightly off topic as it is to do with a 3L TDI, I was hoping to get 45-50mpg when I pick it up next month. I curently get 25-30mpg in my S3 and was hoping for substantial savings. Guess I am not going to see it.
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    S3 Economy- Genuine Stats Please!

    I get 300 miles for £75ish in my manual S3 (£1.39 per litre if you want to do the calculations). My journey is mixed about 30% town, 30% motorway and 40% country roads. Its great for overtaking the 40mph brigade on the country roads an has better mpg than my last car, which was the V8 version of...
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    Possible Fly Wheel Issue ?

    I had the fly wheel go on my S4, when it went it had simmilar symptoms to a coil pack failure - lots of juddering at all engine speeds. It was so bad I had it towed. I dont remeber the rev counter moving like and I am not an expert but I dont think its the fly wheel.
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    S3 fuel consumption - Now with added poll!

    My car is standard and my journey to work has a mix of city, motorway and country roads. I can get over 350 on a tank doing this trip, it drops closer to the 250 mark when Im driving through the city. For a car that does 0-62 in 5.7 seconds I think its good value, the last car I had was an...