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    For Sale ASR valve controller for an RS3

    Hello I have an ASR valve controller that I bought from automotive passion a couple of months ago, RRP £360. Selling my car. This is the product link Available for £260 plus postage
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    Facelift TR Hamza MRC

    My advice is to get the car tuned by reputable tuners such as MRC, DMS, Evolve or QST, to name a few. This may sound harsh but all of these new tuning houses don’t have the requisite knowledge, experience, intellect or know how to do this properly. Any idiot can plug in a computer to a car and...
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    Where do you put your keys?

    I don’t have keyless so in the lockbarrel
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    Do people notice your RS3?

    Ultimately the RS3 is a sporty looking Audi A3 to joe public and that suits me fine as I want it to blend in. Given it’s mythos black, it does the trick. I think it will certainly standout if it’s in a vibrant colour but then again that’s probably why the owner bought it for attention.
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    For Sale Audi A3 8V 2017 Rear Bumper - just repainted - was new from Audi

    Audi A3 Sportback Facelift Rear Bumper Black - 2017 Onwards. part number - 8V4807511L Just been repainted but realised it isn’t the right bumper for my car. Was brand new from Audi and then painted by a local Bodyshop so Grab a bargain Collection only from near Wimbledon, London. Will...
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    I did a thing

    Shall I make the same comment you made in my thread about my upgraded paddles ? If you like it that’s all that matters
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    Facelift Automotive Passion Valve controller, anyone tried it?

    Hi guys I see a lot of love for the cete version but has any one tried this version? Thanks R
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    I also bought some Leyo paddles to try
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    For Sale Freshly painted 2018 A3 8V rear bumper

    Brand new Mythos Black Audi A3 8V 2018 bumper, newly painted brand new bumper. Long story but was supplied a brand new bumper from Audi but they sent the wrong one to my Bodyshop and we painted it - they won’t take it back as it’s painted. Due to the fact it’s freshly painted and a new bumper...
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    PFL Design pack mats

    Did you stick an RS3 rear badge on them?
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    PFL Design pack mats

    I do something similar
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    PFL Design pack mats

    thanks Russ, ordered the same set!
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    Idiot Paintless Dent Removal

    See how you go, I’m not in the trade btw just telling from bitter experience!
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    Idiot Paintless Dent Removal

    It would help if you provided a better photo of the damaged area so we can see exactly where it is on the panel but what you will find is that on rear quarters, the arch is generally always double skinned which prevents the rod from being able to push out the dent from the inside. There could be...
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    Haha as I said in my video, not to everyone’s taste but I similarly I don’t really like the other items off offer.
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    Being careful no but over tightening them will cause small damage for sure
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    I ended up with these honeycomb versions from HG Motorsport - not to everyone’s taste but fine for me
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    Facelift I want upgraded paddles - which ones?

    Hi Guys I have a facelift RS3 Sportback. The paddles could be bigger, can anyone point me in the right direction for a quality but sensibly priced set? Could someone also clarify the nuances of the fitment as I read somewhere that the facelift items are different? thanks ARE
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    Subtle dashcam recommendations

    F770 - Front & Rear Cameras, 32GB, Hardwire Lead