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    Neighbour complaining about where I park my car advice

    Erm she sounds like a silly old goat and if it's your drive you can camp in a tent on it..... My advice would be to buy her an Ann Summers voucher and tell her where to stick it [emoji2377] B9 S5 Sportback
  2. Sc08 LAB

    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Happy 21st [emoji23][emoji1605] B9 S5 Sportback
  3. Sc08 LAB

    Ride Quality Opinions

    Mine are the Bridgestones and I don't rate them as a tyre, I will be getting PS4S' when I get 20`s put on. However suspension wise I'm more than content, maybe get yours booked in and see if they can look at it before the warrenty expires.
  4. Sc08 LAB

    How to put number plate on honeycomb grill

    I got mine from twistnfix on Instagram, used 3m velcro on the plate side to double make sure they stay on and they look [emoji1476]just give them a msg.
  5. Sc08 LAB

    RS5 vs S5

    Interesting, I bought my B9 S5 Sportback just before lockdown and I wonder if the B9.5 diesel will help the residuals of mine???
  6. Sc08 LAB

    SO WHAT are you doin' with all this Coronavirus 'free' time?

    That is a thing of beauty, I haven't seen that view since 2003 when I had my first car... My 1.2 Trip fitted with a Cavalier 2.0l engine with Webber carbs and Kent cams. Bravo sure, bravo! SC
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    Are my tyres wrong for my alloys?

    Sorry to add humour but loving the fact even your photos are safe from the dreaded COVID [emoji23][emoji1419] Kind regards in SC.
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    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    RS5 grill fitted and looking mean [emoji1419] I used this video which was useful apart from being for an A4 (there's hardly any decent videos for B9 A/S/RS 5's) there's 4 extra screws in the wheel arch behind the bottom corner of the light that is nearest to the grill and holding the grill...
  9. Sc08 LAB

    Maxton rear diffuser swap

    Yes mate, I just took the picture after I had done the same. When you put the clips back in and the diffuser seems to 'bow outwards' you might need to cut down the two holding brackets (in pic 18) where you bolt it up the under side. Hope that makes sense [emoji1787] Kind regards in SC.
  10. Sc08 LAB

    Maxton rear diffuser swap

    I call them my feet gloves.... Keeps my tootsies nice and cool in the summer months [emoji6] SC
  11. Sc08 LAB

    Maxton rear diffuser swap

    Yes looks almost perfect from the rear just need new exhaust tips... SC
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    Hi to everyone.

    F yeah [emoji1417] SC
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    Back after an extended break

    Fancy adopting a man child [emoji1787] Kind regards in SC.
  14. Sc08 LAB

    Carista plug in

    I've seen the black ones on the FB forums, where people have asked the same and they appear to be fakes. Kind regards in SC.
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

    Watts Kind regards in SC.
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    Good morning and how's the old girl doing, I bet the miles are creeping up? Kind regards in SC.
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    Good morning what car have you got over there? Kind regards in SC.
  18. Sc08 LAB

    Maxton rear diffuser swap

    Yep I would highly recommend it and you'll be done in an hour or two, I just took my time taking the old one off... Kind regards in SC.
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    Very nice and looks in great condition [emoji1417] Kind regards in SC.
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    Back after an extended break

    Beast, plane and simple [emoji1419] Kind regards in SC.