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  1. Tom.H

    Potential leak

    Hi all, haven’t been on here for a while! Car went in for a service today (not at Audi the robbing b******ds lol) and has come back with a few advisory items, only actually a couple that are a bit concerning to me. 1) Very slight oil leak around gearbox/transfer box. I’m hoping possibly a seal...
  2. Tom.H

    Facelift LED vs Matrix lights

    Yep, they’re standard LEDS. Here’s a close up of my Matrix LED, love them!
  3. Tom.H

    Fault light

    Hey guys, after some advice if anyone can help?I’ve also emailed the wizard that is @DJAlix to see if he can assist. Basically the car went in to have the front bumper resprayed last week, when I picked it up I had the attached on the dash. The chap had to move the car with the bumper off he...
  4. Tom.H

    Hold Assist Retrofit.

    I know it was an option when I bought mine, and in true Audi fashion I’m sure it still is, albeit £75 if still the same - £75 well spent too! As above, if it had the button you’ll have it
  5. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    All sorted now thankfully, although did have to go back the next day as the valve was a bit dodgy. Looked at the car that evening and the tyre was nearly flat again! Took the cap off to pump it up and air was coming out, tapped the valve core and it stopped.
  6. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    Well spotted!
  7. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    I’ve got 19’s, that’s £160 fitted - I usually go through Black Circles as they tend to be the cheapest, there was only £9 in it using them or the garage direct so just booked it with them. What site is that you’ve posted the pic of?
  8. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    Hey up James, yeah all good now mate. Hope you’re keeping well. Went down to the tyre place and as expected, not repairable. Said 1 will be fine due to the tread left, booked in for Wednesday. £160 all because of a f*****g screw Exactly that, they’re literally just over a year old and probably...
  9. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    Yeah that was my thinking re repair. Hmm I’d rather stick to new rather than part worn really, I’ve got Pilot Sport 4S all round. With the rear being on 6mm and a new being 8mm it wouldn’t make a huge difference would it? Then next tyre change get all 4 done and hope I don’t pick up any other...
  10. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    Should have added a picture really, ideally I’d get it repaired if it can be. I don’t really fancy changing more than needed because of the tread left on them.
  11. Tom.H

    Tyre advice

    Hey all, haven’t been on here for a long time (for various reasons, none forum related though) I’ve picked up a screw in my rear tyre which I’m not sure will be repairable :unamused: question is though - it was serviced last month and the front tyres were 5.5mm, rears 6mm - will I get away with...
  12. Tom.H

    It’s been a while!

    @seanbeckerleg It's from the same guy that does the dipyourcar stuff isn't it? I spent ages watching his video's on YouTube, a lot of awesome colours to be made!
  13. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    They're the chrome ones in that pic, just look very dark mate. Actually keep toying with the idea of getting chrome ones again lol I do miss the look of those every time I see a car with them.
  14. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    Cheers mate, that's from last year but she hasn't really changed lol Done a fair bit of mileage (for me anyway over the past couple of weeks) was in Northumberland week before last - we even crossed over in to Scotland - then down in Wiltshire this weekend just gone.
  15. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    Love Ara! This is the closest I found, Sea Blue Stellar made my MacTac
  16. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    Mine has been emails about the A5 - S5 range offering crazy deposit contributions.
  17. Tom.H

    Facelift S3 - Soft Paint

    My sister in law has a few noticeable ones on her Golf as well, that’s white silver. VAG paint was always known for being hard, maybe they’re cutting costs by putting less hardener in it nowadays :tearsofjoy:
  18. Tom.H

    New S3 Owner - Scratch repair

    I'd have thought you'd be able to get the wing mirror cap sorted sorted so long as it's not completely broken, any body shop should be able to repair it.
  19. Tom.H

    Facelift Rear lights always on

    I’ve read that’s not the case for the FL
  20. Tom.H

    Facelift Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leicester

    @desi112 Can you not put on the spare and just leave the wheel with them as you don’t want to leave the car.