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    Rick @ unicorn

    Ah ok, never knew he offered such a service. I live up in Scotland and was planning on travelling down to Rick so i get my car mapped to stage 2+ along with the flat shifting, launch control etc. Least if I added future mods then I could send him data to change or tweak the map which would be...
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    Rick @ unicorn

    Sorry, I know this is a bit of a bump of an old thread but whats the remote mapping service he offers?
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    S3 Mapping in Aberdeen

    Wallace Performance in Aberdeen are a Revo dealer and can map you car also could fabricate or fit an exhaust for you if need be. They are a little on the expensive side but know their stuff and also have a 4WD dyno. There is also a Shark Remapping dealer in Oldmeldrum but unsure of what company...