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  1. Joe_Murphy21187

    JHM Tuning Cable UK

    Ended up ordering one as didn't get any replies here or anywhere else. If anyone wants to rent it after I've tuned mine let me know.
  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    For Sale JHM tuning cables for S4 B6/B7 ECU, and B7 TCU

    Might be interested, check your PMs
  3. Joe_Murphy21187

    JHM Tuning Cable UK

    At some point over the next few months I'll be ordering a JHM ECU/TCU tune, and to potentially avoid having to buy the specific cable for a one-time use, does anyone in the UK have one they'd be willing to lend me to install the tune? I think the cables are generic, but it's for a B8.5 RS5...
  4. Joe_Murphy21187

    Wanted B8.5 RS5 Cabriolet/Convertible

    In the market for a B8.5 RS5 Cabriolet, would prefer to find one from a forum member that has been well maintained & is in good condition. 2014/2015 FSH Ideally not high mileage, but ~50K considered Not black, daytona grey or Sepang Non-black interior Sport seats (not optional buckets) B&O...
  5. Joe_Murphy21187

    EGR+DPF Delete + Remap - What can i expect?

    Providing you get a decent map, yes you'll see a noticeable difference in power. Personally I found the power started a little lower in the rev range also (3.0tdi). Improvements in MPG is a bit of a myth, the theory being you don't need to work the car as hard to get up to speed so if you drive...
  6. Joe_Murphy21187

    For Sale A4 B7 3.0 TDI S/S Exhaust

    I can't be 100% sure. When I was looking for off the shelf exhausts there were less available for the cab but after seeing the fabrication I think that is due to the additional support struts under the cab to improve rigidity & the fact that the exhaust must navigate around these (I.e. I think I...
  7. Joe_Murphy21187

    For Sale A4 B7 3.0 TDI S/S Exhaust

    Cat-back 316 stainless steel custom exhaust for a 2007 Audi A4 B7 3.0TDI Cabriolet. Originally made by 'Wright Brothers Autos' in Nottingham and was used on my car for ~3 years until it was removed prior to being part exchanged. It's been hung in my garage ever since and is now getting in the...
  8. Joe_Murphy21187

    Tyre choices - Michelin or Conti?

    The Pilot Sport 4s came out top when I got 2 new tyres a few months ago. There was a road-test review comparing the 4s against the super sport (with a mention of some other michelin tyres I think) and the basic conclusion was that the 4s is better, but only marginally. I have not complaints...
  9. Joe_Murphy21187

    a5 convertible rattle

    Haven't had this myself, but as it's there when the roof is up and not when the roof is down I'd start by looking at the movable compartment lid for the roof storage, perhaps something is loose here?
  10. Joe_Murphy21187

    Have I made a mistake going to 19" alloys?

    What tyre pressure are you running? I noticed a big difference between 35 and 40 psi. I'm on 20s and didn't notice any difference between some A5s on 19s I test drove (I was very surprised)
  11. Joe_Murphy21187

    What do you think?

    This will definitely divide opinion! I think the black looks good, especially in contrast with the silver bodywork, however I prefer the chrome rings. Personally I prefer the OEM+ look with more subtle changes... black rings is a step too far for me personally
  12. Joe_Murphy21187

    Saw the new RS5 today. Oh my.

    I'm sure it's a great machine, but as above I prefer the 2012/2013 facelift (B8.5) version. Wasn't a fan of the 1st gen A5 from the front, perhaps they'll improve it with a facelift in a few years!
  13. Joe_Murphy21187

    New Custom Exhaust (3.0tdi)

    Here's a link to the gumtree ad:
  14. Joe_Murphy21187

    New Custom Exhaust (3.0tdi)

    I'm in Beeston in Nottingham, there's a garage round the corner from me which could fit it for you (the same one that removed it from my cab), but you would still have your old exhaust to contend with. Best option would probably to hire a van to collect it
  15. Joe_Murphy21187

    3.0 TDI Airbox Mod

    Just copied part of your mod and removed part of the scoop to deres trick air flow to the filter. Couldn't get the connector off the vacuum sensor so left the valve for now. The bit that puzzles me is why there isn't an opening at the front of the trim at the top of the engine to allow air in...
  16. Joe_Murphy21187

    Changed To The Honeycomb Grill

    Great improvement to the front end! Honeycomb grill is on my wishlist but I can't decide between the gloss black or chrome surround to go on a midnight blue car... leaning towards the chrome surround currently...