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  1. Louay

    Lowered the S3 on H&R's and fitted wheel spacers

    Nice springs hey? especially for a bargain too? ;)
  2. Louay

    FYI - H&R Springs 28862/2

    Hello Again! Just a quick hello to see how your all doing and to say that over in The Trading Post there's a set of new and unused H&R springs if anyone is interested. H&R product code: 28826/2 not 62 as in thread title! doh! take care all, Louay
  3. Louay

    Where to buy 19" RS6 alloys to new A3 e-tron? :)

    @CalA3 @2bb1 As requested both, here some shots of mine in hyper polished silver. 225/35/R19 low profile tyres. They are from a very well known European French company called I dealt with a guy called just mention my name and i'm sure he would be...
  4. Louay

    Goodbye From Me

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman Just a quick note to say that i'm signing off for the time being. It's been a fantastic experience talking and bantering with many people on here since 2007 when i bought my 1st S3 and then my last S3 March last year. My family come first over anything and...
  5. Louay

    Mass Complaint - Engine Rattle

    more than happy Dave. will pm you details. presumably you will be steering this for a resolve in ALL cases where details have been provided for works to be completed at respective owners dealers under warranty, assuming the outcome is positive?
  6. Louay

    ***** RTR ***** (REPORT THE RATTLE)

    you have my vote in support of an official complaint in appreciation of all your hard work. where's the poll?
  7. Louay

    ***** RTR ***** (REPORT THE RATTLE)

    Last resort?
  8. Louay

    A3/S3 8V MY16 Info/Rumour Thread

    hahahah, rendered by a 21 yr old, albeit car enthusiast, but is there any weight in HIS speculative renderings? as mentioned earlier, RS3 just out with the eyebrow DRL's, about to replace with matrix so early? doubtful.
  9. Louay

    S3 stealth

    Hi Fibs, is it possible to achieve the look of the right hand grill by removing the horizontal ali strips from my standard ali look grill but keeping the silver surround as in the picture?
  10. Louay

    A3/S3 8V MY16 Info/Rumour Thread

    won't make me part with mine. changes won't be as drastic as it was for the 8P S3 I think. correct me if I'm wrong but the 8P came out in 2006 and the facelift followed in 2008 so 2016 could well be a possibility. not fussed either way.
  11. Louay

    A3/S3 8V MY16 Info/Rumour Thread

    can't say I'm a big fan. too 'Nissan R35' looking. much prefer raw dials to feel more engaging and less like I'm playing GT5 on my playstation.
  12. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    sorry jas only could find two.
  13. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    hey jas, I'll have a look I think I've some outside sun shots! Racing blue would be my top choice but not at Audi's current charge for exclusivity, then estoril, then sepang if it had to be blue [emoji12].
  14. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Estoril is arguably, to me, and many others a deep blue with jaw dropping reflective properties which is why I chose it. It's a classy civil colour which doesn't draw too much attention to my car although that's not the case after a good clean. Sepang is also a beautiful Audi colour but a bit...
  15. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Very nice indeed. Got any pics of your first 8V?
  16. Louay

    1.8TFSI and 2.0TFSI S3 : Metallic Rustle/Rattle between 1500-3000 rpm

    So to conclude the said Clip will not work on our current 8V S3's and we await further news from Audi UK?
  17. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Elderberry anyone? not my cuppa but was obviously someones....or not. cheeky colour, finding the alloys hard to accept tho. Is it the colour of the car against the alloys or the alloy style that looks a bit iffy?
  18. Louay

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

  19. Louay

    Who's photo's

    Islamic women.
  20. Louay

    ***** RTR ***** (REPORT THE RATTLE)

    Nice one Dave! Have you the part number? Can you obtain it persistence regrettably fail? Home or indy garage job? Hope your well.