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    Headlamp / body alignment

    I'm pretty much getting this misalignment on my passenger headlamp. If you look at the pics in this link
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    Audi rs4 pedal set - group buy.

    Thanks Mike will PM you soon!
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    Headlamp / body alignment

    Hi All, I believe to think my A4 has had a knock in the past, passenger side front headlamp doesn't seem to align with the notch cut out in the wing. Now I know you can get the headlamp mounting plate but I don't think there is no adjustment in it. Any ideas where is may need to be pushed or...
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    Audi rs4 pedal set - group buy.

    I would like to also join this group buy if it goes ahead. I would like the 4 pedal set please. Can you confirm if this includes, dead pedal rest, clutch, brake and accelerator pedals? And will this fit on my Audi A4 B6 2004
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    Engine smell through air vent when stationary

    The exhaust has been checked so no leaks. Fuel pipes are fine. its not like fresh fuel smell. its more like the hot workings of the engine maybe oil? my next point of call could be crankcase breather hose?
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    Engine smell through air vent when stationary

    Hi wonder if you guys can help me? Audi A4 1.8T BEX engine I am getting like an hot engine smell/ slightly fuelly coming through the vents, mainly when I'm stationary for more than 8 secs or reversing, doesn't happen when im moving or when I shut off the blower. I can not smell anything when...
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    MY Audi A4 1.8T S-Line becoming a moneypit!!!

    The thermostat did not get changed during cambelt change. yes I think the clutch is will be due soon, not major slips yet!. As regards to the pick up pipe change how much does normally cost?
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    MY Audi A4 1.8T S-Line becoming a moneypit!!!

    Hi WelshQuattro, well I'm have the work done at a Audi Indy Specialist. I don't mind wear and tear to occur, but you are right in the sense they are all happening at once. Probably poor maintenance from previous owners. Mainly I noticed is that its rubber components that failing, gaskets, pipes...
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    MY Audi A4 1.8T S-Line becoming a moneypit!!!

    Bought my car last year in may on 78K with a full MOT its and 2004 reg BEX engine. After purchase it went in for coil pack recall with audi free of charge. I thought result. Then for my own piece of mind as I couldn't find it in the history I did the cambelt and water pump change at 80K cost...
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    Power steering fluid leak

    Had this to me not long ago, wouldn't recommend driving it further as it will cause more damage due to lack of fluid going into the steering rack or the pump running on dry and getting hot.. Possibly look for perished hydraulic hoses from the Power Steering fluid reservoir or check for any leaks...
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    1.8t epc warning light issues

    Possible sign could be imminent coil pack failure, happened to my car, then loss on power the rough idle. replaced one coil, all sorted!
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    Whine in Engine Bay

    Actually Halfords, don't sell the official VW/Audi G 002 000, how ever the did have this in store, Comma MVCHF (Central Hydraulic Fluid), I pulled up the data sheet for this online and this is recommended for...
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    Whine in Engine Bay

    Ok I have checked fluid level is super low well below the dipstick level so the dipstick Is dry Can I drive the car to the a halfrauds about 2 mile away like this?
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    Whine in Engine Bay

    Hi all, The other day I started the car, and I noticed that the there was an unusual tone to the car, like whine of sorts. I noticed that when I would rev the car it would the whine would increase, I then turned the steering and noticed it did it then too. Car pulls well turns fine. Whilst...
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Loving the Audi Fat Fives!!!!
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    Side Airbag Removal and Refit

    I have also got an issue with the airbag in my seat. if you end up getting a how to guide, please let me know. Thanks and good luck!
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    Advice on rear springs please 2004 S line Quattro 1.8T

    Hi ya Mate, I recently was in a similar position as you. I had two springs break on the last little pigtail, drivers side front and back. Mechanic advised that spring should be replaced in pairs, other wise the handling gets thrown out and suspension geometry. This meant for me springs all...
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    Cupra front splitter for B6 Cabriolet

    Hi Dan, have you got a part number for said cupra splitter?
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    Eibach Sportlines or Pro Kit???

    I totally agree, but I thought as these are S-Line shocks they would be a little stiffer. Even the H&R website says they designed to fit with oe shocks.