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  1. Murton

    LED DRL issue despite fitting 50w 6ohm resistors?

    If the bulbs in parallel are on but the LEDs arn't then it can only really be the LEDs that are at fault. On my car I have the older headlights with normally a P21W DRL bulb. I bought LED DRLs from trups and then used VCDS to recode the car to tell it that it had LED DRLs. This changed the way...
  2. Murton

    LED DRL issue despite fitting 50w 6ohm resistors?

    With 6 ohm resistors you will be drawing 24W through them plug whatever the LED DRLs are taking. The car is expecting to only supply 19W. I would measure the current through the LED DRLs and then get the correct resistors to increase the power up to 19W
  3. Murton

    Diverter valve 2.0tsi

    Maybe the blow off dump value is set at a much higher pressure than normal boost. Normally dump valves are to stop excess pressure not because it affects the engine but because it can try to stall the turbo which is not good for it. In this case you will still have some high boost slowing down...
  4. Murton

    Diverter valve 2.0tsi

    Also consider what happens when you come off the throttle or change up a gear. The VAG cars do not have an intake pressure sensor but instead work it out by using a combination of the engine speed and the air mass sensor. Changing the setup to vent to the outside will cause the ECU to see more...
  5. Murton

    Diverter valve 2.0tsi

    You might not be able to. If you want to run higher boost you might have to replace it with one of a higher rating. There is also a wastegate on the input to the turbo which lests the exhaust bypass the turbo when you are off throttle and this is what normally regulates the boost pressure I...
  6. Murton

    Diverter valve 2.0tsi

    The piston seals a hole between the air intake and the boost output of the turbo. When you lift off the throttle the ECU pulls back the piston to allow the boost to circulate back into the air intake side (so the air effectivly just goes round and round the turbo until it spins down). The centre...
  7. Murton

    heater only work at high revs & coolant light probs connected? help :/

    Coolant leak which is also letting air into the system causing an air lock?
  8. Murton

    A3 2.0tfsi quattro mpg

    I get around 300 miles to a tank. going to and from work which includes a couple of dual carriageways on the way back. On a longer run I get closer to 400 miles.
  9. Murton

    Audi A3 Missing ignition barrel...............whats needed?

    You will need to get the parts fitted and then get it towed to an Audi dealership and get them to program the new key into the immobiliser. You need a code in order to program a new key and not even the dealers can get that any more. The software they use talks direct to Audi HQ to get the code...
  10. Murton

    Strange sidelight fault...?

    If the small resistor that is wired across the bulb has failed then the light will work but the system will think the bulb has failed as it is now taking too little current.
  11. Murton

    Bulb Fault Indicator Malfunction

    My HID lights are prone to flickering at times which I suspect is a combination of old bulbs and a bit of moisture in the headlamp. Doesn't normally cause a problem and only flags up as a bulb fault and require switching off and back on about once a month or so. On Sunday I fitted a LED boot...
  12. Murton

    A3 First Aid

    Under one of the front seats I believe.
  13. Murton

    Led Problem

    I am not really sure. If only the regular lights are working then take a look at night by comparing them at the same angle. If there is a bad earth one will be dimmer although it will not be as noticeable.
  14. Murton

    Led Problem

    The first thing I would suspect would be a bad earth. If another light was on then the ground would not be at 0V so depending on timing etc... the computer might show one at random as being faulty. Best way to test would be to turn on the lights and get someone to press the brake and indicate...
  15. Murton

    Diagnostics Apps

    What interface are you going to use with them. The VAG 1.1 software even if it supports the latest cars is going to require an interface which supports CAN so a cheap generic one is not going to work. The apps which display turbo boost you will need to make sure they specifically work with VAG...
  16. Murton

    Boot Mats

    What do people use as boot mats to stop things sliding round all the time as you go round corners. My mat that came with the car is like compressed foam and is not at all non slip. In my previous A4 I had something which looks like this :- The centre non slip part was very good but it does not...
  17. Murton

    DRL Daytime Running Lights

    As you are getting some bi-xenon headlamps from NHN these will need to be coded using VCDS anyway. Set them to 'Bi-Xenon with LED DRL'. Speak to Trups and get a pair of 9W P21W bulbs which were about £18 the pair when I bought them and put these in the inner bulb holders. Now what will happen is...
  18. Murton

    DRL Daytime Running Lights

    My light switch has an auto setting on the rotary, a small thumb wheel switch to turn on the DRL to the left of it and a coming home light button beneath that.
  19. Murton

    DRL Daytime Running Lights

    I am sure it can be done. NHN is one of the retrofitting experts here and knows a log about VCDS so will know what options can be set and will code it to behave as close to the way you want as possible. Personally I would just speak to him and explain what you want and I am sure he will come up...
  20. Murton

    DRL Daytime Running Lights

    On mine I bought a LED P21W from Trups (EM Tuning) and recoded to indicate the lights had LED DRLs. When you do this you remove the side light bulb and tape it behind otherwise it is on whenever the DRL or side lights are on and doesn't look good. So what you could do is replace the side light...