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    Audi drivers are the sexiest, says survey

    Audi drivers are the sexiest, says survey | :wub:
  2. c_dog

    are a8 2.8 worth breaking?

    Not sure about replacing the heater matrix but you should sell alot of the parts as people still keep these cars running. It also depends on what options you have on the car, that can be retrofitted into others.
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    New Audi A9 spotted in spain! :: View topic - SFS Spanish Audi A9 Spaceship Quattro. :huh:
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    Not the best picture for advert...

    1995 FORD ESCORT SI BLUE on eBay (end time 24-Oct-10 18:41:47 BST) :busted_cop:
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    Help where can i get this today 06A-133-783-AS mani pipe

    Maybe check for other vac leaks in the breather system, the fuel trim could still be adjusting or the throttble body might need a clean and reset with VAG-COM. If you can get it hooked up to VAG-COM then look for any errors, specificly relating to fuel trim or EVAP system as these indicate vac...
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    Door Panel squeak...please help!

    I would suggest you register yourself at and have a look at the online catalog for parts, it is very comprehensive and hopefully you will be able to find the part you are looking for. If not you can always ask the helpful people over at and see what they come up...
  7. c_dog

    Brake pad warning light

    What type of A8 do you have? There is a common fault related to the wires leading to the pad wear sensor being streched over time and becoming faulty, documented with fix here audipages Front Brake Pad Warning Light Troubleshooting
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    All of the other comments. Could also be time to clean the throttle body
  9. c_dog

    Dash Warning Light

    Have it looked at with VAG-COM. Not sure which version you need for your A8 but plenty of people here will tell you it is worth the investment. Ross-Tech: Home You can always buy a cheap cable of ebay and use their evaluation software. Also, there are plenty of people on the forum who offer...
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    Good value oil change National Autocare??

    Also offering 10% off that price?!
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    Pc experts advice needed

    To perform a repair installation of XP Perform a Repair Installation How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
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    Pc experts advice needed

    Whens it is restarting it probably is flashing a bluescreen error to quickly to see. When you boot into safe mode apply these options; 1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. 2. Click the Advanced tab. 3. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and...
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    S8 Novice Need Advice Please

    No problem, best of luck finding a nice example
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    S8 Novice Need Advice Please This should be a good start mate!
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    use code 'audisport' to get 10% off!
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    German Plates

    If there are enough people interested maybe there is a chance for a group buy? I have seen dubmeister do a group buy on this before...
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    Questions about parts (with pics)

    I was concerned about this and did some research, turn out it is omsething to do with charcol burning
  18. c_dog

    2001 1.8t Stalling issue

    Are you going to get a genuine replacement pipe or an aftermarket job? Only thing I would mention is to thoroughly check the surrounding pipes as I had to replace some of mine shortly after the first split, and it may be cheaper to go all out and by them all together. I have a feeling forge do a...
  19. c_dog

    Custom Code or R-Tech

    I have been more than happy with stage 1 from Rtech, and as mentioned before they are thorough in making sure the car is running well beforehand, to the point where they take parts off their own car and put it on yours to test failing bits. For what they charge it is a top service.
  20. c_dog

    German Plates

    These guys do a UK legal version that you can buy for not much more...