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    Found and S6, but not sure about the mileage!

    28-30 mpg!!!!!!! I'm jealous. Just got back from a 1000 mile round trip to LM, and averaged just under 23. Lucky to get 20 when used purely around town.
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    Pics of your A6

    Here's mine!
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    S6 Brakes

    I'm going to be needing new discs and pads all round in the not too distant future and was wondering if anyone's got any advice relating to good independents who sell them. All, and any, advice greatly appreciated.
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    S6 Alarm Gremlins Update - Advice Appreciated!

    All sorted now! Turns out it was the sensor after all. It's now replaced and everything seems to be back to normal(famous last words.......)
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    S6 Alarm Gremlins Update - Advice Appreciated!

    I've posted a couple of timeas about the problems i'm experiencing with my alarm. I've had the local dealer dump the diagnostics from the car(f.o.c i might add!) and they suspect that it's one of the ultra-sonic interior sensors that's causing the problems. They cleared the faults out and...
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    S6 - How do i lock it without activating the alarm

    Hi all, As my previous threads show, my alarm is on the blink. Until i get it sorted i need to lock the car without activating the alarm. The handbook suggests it's possible my moving the key to the lock position twice, but that doesn't seem to work. Am i missing something obvious? Help...
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    vag-com check - How Much?

    Looks like i need a vag-com check to try and sort out my dodgy alarm. I'm just wondering how much i should expect to pay. Any ideas?
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    Anyone else own a 2.5 TDi 180 Avant Quattro?

    I had one last year for about 8 months. I was getting 27ish around town on short runs, and 32ish on a run. The only problem i had was water in the passenger footwell, which caused the central locking to go a bit wonky. I'm not sure about the 23mpg comment. I don't get much less then that...
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    S6 Alarm Problem - Help!!!

    i tried the internal switch but to no avail. It's looking like it may need vag-com.....
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    S6 Alarm Problem - Help!!!

    Hi All, My S6 seems to have developed a problem with its alarm. Basically it has just started going off at random. Is there any way to diagnose the cause of the problem without hooking it up to a vag-com device? If not what do i need to do. Any, and all, help greatly appreciated...
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    What difference is the quatro from other models

    i was getting between 30 and 33 on a run, and mid twenties around town.
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    What difference is the quatro from other models

    I had an A6 Avant Quattro Sport 2.5TDI and would recommend them thoroughly.
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Another owner here! S6 Avant.
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    ESR and ABS lights on

    same here. a new brake pedal switch sorted it out
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    A6 cambelt change

    i'm about to get my S6 done at stafford audi. £570 including a new water pump.
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    S6 Cambelt Change Advice

    Hi All, My S6 will be needing a cambelt change in the next 6-9 months, and i was just wondering what i should budget for the job. Ideally i'd like to to stay out of the dealer network, so any recommendations of a specialist in the West Midlands would be greatly appreciated. I'm also...
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    A6 Avant questions (running costs etc)

    I've just got rid of an '03 A6 Avant Quattro Sport Auto and i used to get low 30s on the motorway, and mid twenties around town. I must admit that the mpg was one of the few aspects of the car that i was disappointed with.
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    Love the wheels, they certainly lift the car. Looks very nice indeed!
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    Here she is.......S6 Avant Content

    Managed to take a couple of pics on the way home from work today. Apologies it's a little dirty, a trip to Manc' and back yestrday is to blame i'm afraid. Well pleased so far, an awesome bit of kit Even managed 25mpg on the trip to Manc!!!