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    S4 air con issue

    I've been having this odd issue with my S4 air con. Basically, sometimes it puts the fans to max and blows hot air. When the air con does work it blows nice and cold so I don't think it needs regassing. I've tried turning it on and off again, I can hear a difference in engine note when turning...
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    Air Conditioning

    I've just been quoted £1900 by Audi to replace the compressor and flush the system. Awaiting a quote from an A/C specialist instead.
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    Spotted: Nogaro Blue S3 on M25 on Sunday morning

    I had a feeling you might be on here. Something to do with all the Audi-Sport stickers! The other S3 was nothing to do with us, but it was fun being in an S car convoy for a while. I used to have an 8L S3 which I really miss, but there was no way we were going to fit a double buggy in the...
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    Spotted: Nogaro Blue S3 on M25 on Sunday morning

    My wife was driving our gray S4 Avant and you followed for a number of miles. She wanted to say thank you for your considerate driving and letting her out to overake. Nice car by the way, it's good to see some people actually keep their cars clean (unlike me!).
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    Anybody retrofitted Isofix?

    I had both sides done in my S4 for our Twins. Cost £140 at Dulwich Audi. I know it's cheaper to do it yourself but I don't have the tools and wanted the peace of mind knowing it was done properly. I have the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix seats and bases and I fitted the bases without the plastic guides...
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    A4 S4 03 Plate - Possible new owner with modification questions...

    The S4 I test drove at my local Audi dealership said 5mpg average when I got in!
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    S4 buying advice

    Thanks James, it's good to know it can still put a smile on your face.
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    S4 buying advice

    Thanks James. Whilst I don't really want to hear this kind of story, I need to be prepared. From what I have read it sounds like you have been a bit unlucky, in general the B6 sounds like it is usually quite reliable. I talked to my mechanic who said that it's not really much more to maintain...
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    S4 buying advice

    That's helpful, thank you.
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    S4 buying advice

    I am looking for an S4 Avant and can't seem to find any kind of buyers guide. I would be grateful if anyone could let me know the particular things I should be looking out for when buying (common problems / desirable features etc). Also, if anyone knows of a Avant for sale around the 10-13k...
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    A2 - which one is best?

    Thanks Glen. What was it like to drive? It would be mostly motorway work so I need something that can cruise at 70 in comfort.
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    A2 - which one is best?

    Thinking about swapping the S3 for something a little more practical and am considering an A2. I know there are 1.6 petrol and 1.4 diesel 75 and 90 models but which is best? How well do the diesels respond to remapping? What are the gains on the 75 and 90? Basically any information would...
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    Anyone recently used AMD for service?

    Used them last year and they were good but this year they were booked up for at least 2 months so I used APS instead who were excellent and cheaper too!
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    BOSE Speaker distorting

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the front BOSE speakers in the S3?
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    BOSE Speaker distorting

    Andy - how much am I looking at to replace the front mids and tweeters? Where can I get the adaptors from?
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    Clutch cost?

    I had exactly the same symptoms as monkeytrousers. Intermittent clutch slippage. Mine actually "went away" for the whole summer only to return when the weather got cooler and also I had an overboost issue due to an air leek. Turned out that a bearing the in clutch mechanism was leaking oil...
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    HELP! I have no boost!

    Had the same issue. No boost at all, although the car drove perfectly. Turned out that an air leek caused the turbo to overboost which eventually triggered some kind of limp mode and no boost at all. Symptoms where noticable increase in power (and air/turbo noise) followed by complete (and...
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    ed jackson from AMD.. where now??

    Just booked in with them, almost half the price of AmD and Ed was very friendly and helpful as usual.
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    BOSE Speaker distorting

    Thanks chaps, that's really helpful. I assume I'll need to remove the door card to investigate. Never done this before, can anyone let me know what to do?
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    BOSE Speaker distorting

    Thanks. I'll see if I can get it out to test with and start looking at ebay. If I can't get OEM units, are there any direct replacements I could get? I seem to remember the BOSE units are 4ohm?