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    What is your next car going to be??

    Well I've driven them all and I'm still not really sure :think:. I've decided it's not the S5, lovely car but its not for me. So that leave's the RS4 and the S6 both seem great cars, the RS4 is more full on all the time whilst the S6 is definately more of a daily driver but still seems as...
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    What is your next car going to be??

    Not quite sure yet, staying with Audi for sure. I've got 3 test drives booked this month, an S5, a RS4 and a S6. Porbably going for an RS4 at the mo but I'm interested to see what the S5 is like, as far as I know it uses the RS4 engine but I don't know if its in a differrent state of tune. The...
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    Which wheels? Poll

    Swap em over definately. What the worst that can happen, you decide you don't like them and have to swap them back. Just do it! :icon_thumright:
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    Pics Thread

    Hubba hubba Doeboy is right, absolutely stunning
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    New Audi RS6 Photos

    I like, we have sexy time! Also luvin the new and improved avatar Jen :wub:
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    Favourite Car In A Film!

    Another massive vote for "Eleanor" :hubbahubba:
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    Merc AMG wheels on A4

    Luvin' the wheels in the first post and I quite like the avant not sure about the others though. Really don't think they work on the A3 but at least they're at bit different to the norm.
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    Audi-sport member needs your help - Vote for my Dog

    Voted for ya, had to, got 2 bitch staffs myself. A red, Tess and a black and white, Bobbi. So as a fellow Staff owner and Audi nut I felt compelled to vote for Missy, a truely beuatiful looking dog. Checked the vote results as well, you're romping it now, 71% for you and the next closest is 21%...
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    New toy, time to post some pics

    I'm only joking fella, lovely car. Thought about one myself a few years ago but I could only afford the older one, the one that comes with the boot full off TRESemme stuff so eventually decided against it. I also mentioned it to the lads at work and suddenly they began to question my sexuality...
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    New toy, time to post some pics

    Did it come with a lifetime supply of TRESemme products? ;)