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  1. t8ups

    Looking for A3 Custom lights

    Thanks for recommending as always sir. We can help but we dont build headlights for ascetics, we focus on performance so we wouldnt really open a set of headlights just to paint unless your going to do performance mods in them too. Thanks Trups Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. t8ups

    LED interior bulbs (S3 8P)

    There is a shake up happening on the LED interior kits atm, a lot of bulbs will be changing to that with less LEDs but brighter chips, same brightness, just a bit more efficient, and they will also start coming with a 2 year warranty as I have had more of a say in the drivers and chips used on...
  3. t8ups

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    if you need any other Morimoto parts or even budget projectors I do stock them also.
  4. t8ups

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    I did see the orders coming through @Robin Chandler and I was trying to work out what you was upto, now I know. Great work and hats off for doing it yourself. A lot of members should try it, I stock all the parts that Robin has put into this build and I can also offer the lens etching...
  5. t8ups

    What headlights do I have?

    If you email me on I have some that are already built up if you want some really good performing lights that look oem.
  6. t8ups

    Led bulbs inside the boot

    The Boot light is a tricky one in the A3's, my bulb has worked without any problems since 2011 when I 1st designed it, when I came onto the forum a lot of owners had problems with off the shelf bulbs. Mine is £8 plus postage and is very bright, will light up the whole boot with ease.
  7. t8ups

    H7 Reflector LED's or HID's

    I don't think I'm going to be able to help as I don't stock H7'r or H7 HIDs as I don't agree with putting them in a reflector housing, I'm more about performance lighting which is fit a true xenon projector then put the HID kit in there. Sorry I cant help. My Take on them LED kits are that you...
  8. t8ups

    Bixenon bulb type???

    They are D1S on the 2007 Bi Xenon headlights. We do these which are awesome bulbs - The 5500K is the the most popular and puts out more lumens than the OEM 4300k. use code ASN10 Site wide for orders over £50.
  9. t8ups

    DRL Cree Bulbs

    Sorry Matt. These ones are back in stock next week again. for the last 4 months I have been working on my site, I'm not a computer wiz so have had to sit and learn as well as do the day to day tasks, so I'm really sorry to you and all others that have had slow replies. I will be back on it...
  10. t8ups

    Deal Of the Week All. Audi A3 8P 2004-2008 headlights

    Hi All. Grab a bargain on these, get prepared for the dark days. Only 1 set at a cracking price. Thanks Trups
  11. t8ups

    Em tuning kits for rear number plate lights

    Thanks all :) For the Audi ones you need to go to the Audi specific listing where it will give you the options for the Loom which is needed. Trups
  12. t8ups


    Sorry for the late reply for all, the last 2 weeks I have been manic and only worked 4 days out of 10 as I was on a stag do then my mate got married a few days after we got back so a lot of time off work but back now until the end of AUG. Trups
  13. t8ups

    needing some help

    HI. You are wedging the bulb in incorrectly, the White cap replicates a 501 halogen bulb that came out so have to go back in there hence why the bulb did not work as they would not of been making contact. I will reply to the email you sent me. Trups
  14. t8ups

    Footwell light (retrofit) question

    I have error free upgrades. My 1 LED is 4 times brighter than the OEM and mine are fully canbus.
  15. t8ups

    needing some help

    thats to fit the boot light -
  16. t8ups

    Colour changing Footwell lights for Vag Cars

    As the new car industry comes in with new features a lot of us that have the older cars are left envious of the spec/tech they are bringing out, I'm still trying to find a way of fitting Matrix lights to my C6, not going to benefit much as a quad xenon setup would have more light output but the...
  17. t8ups

    Interior Light Mystery

    Use this guid to fit them
  18. t8ups

    Interior Light Mystery

    8 led is the boot one.
  19. t8ups

    LED replacement bulb for license plate?

    Send me a PM. Trups