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  1. Perplexer

    Where to buy a Dension Gateway and Cradle

    I have also placed an order with ipodcardirect and it is out of stock. Great service that.
  2. Perplexer

    Is there any device...

    Thanks Andy. Is Denison the way to go with an iPod? I am unsure as to do a glove box install or have the iPod sitting in a cradle - ashtray maybe so the cradle can be 'hidden' away when not in use? Cheers
  3. Perplexer

    Is there any device...

    ...that will show track name etc from another device like an iPod or Zune that will work with a Symphony (with 6 cd changer internal to the unit) in a 2002 S3? I have searched and it seems the Denison does not do this for the iPod, but what about other mp3 devices? I just want something that...