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    Anyone Interested?

    hi Guys i sold my a4 last week :( got some bits laying around pipercross panel filter & 4 x door mid strips (new) ideal if your respraying your doors make me a offer? ps: bought a A8...?
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    Is this your clone..

    no sale :sadlike:
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    pics of new wheels and other mods

    lower it!...nice car!
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    ...another one I thought Id share with you!

    hahahahaahaahahahaahahaha....cough....hahahehehehe,...breath! thats a normal a4 with a gmbh front and rear bumper, and s-line and s4 badges slapped all over it. it does'nt even have sport seats. good attempt missing the door flares too
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    Where's the fuel filter?

    hello matey is this what your after?
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    i got some free time coming up i'll try putting a write up- up then!
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    yeah the vents already had the led, run a 9v battery across the led it should light up, the polarity is only one way so if it dont work one way try it the other, but make sure you have this right when finally wireing it up. i dont understand why andi put the hardware there but dont wire it...
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    before after the spring kit is a eibach pro sport coil over with eibach stainless steel dampers, turned up about 8mm from minimum spec, the wheels are et35 too i had the others on the rear as you can see from the pic and the rubber caught the rear arch when and only when the car was...
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    yeah got them from audi direct, no part number sorry, i think vagparts a a few quid cheaper tho?
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    for all you guys who loved my Silver Fog covers..

    looks allot better matey, wonder how it would look with just the embossed bits silver.....if that makes any sence!?
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    the old cup holder and coin tray never had built in led's, the new units did, they where removable tho, so i'm assuming you could buy the seperate, i had to solder up the wiring directly to the led's and splice in the units to the esp wireing and run a ground apart from that easy, taking your...
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    19's killed fuel economy

    heres the techy bit, the reason your car runs worse on 19" compared to 17" and 18" is the wheels rotational mass changes i.e. where the was rubber and air there is now metal, causing a drag on the engine hence the drop in performance and mpg.... so i've been told?
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    last week the coin holder broke, then the cup holder got stuck, i think it was a xmas gift from the car, :) the leds on the vents, cup holder and coin holder, i ran off the esp led wire which i ran already got to when i fitted the navi plus, make sure if you guys are doing this you use the...
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    New Wheels, Cupholder & coin tray,

    hey guys gave the car a clean today, weather was good and i'm back to work tomorrow so decided to give it a good wash and fit my new cup holder and coin tray, also wired up the leds in the vents and the above bits too....check it!!!..nice bit sadi to see the old wheels go...:(...
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    in dash tray/ thingy

    hello mate my cup holder and coin tray broke this week, there about 28quid each, vagparts have the cupe holder on there website, i have noticed on the new ones there are led's connectors on the back, does anyone know where or what the part numbers are for the wireing kit?
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    Engine mgmt light and car shuddering

    coil pack defo... i had one go while doing 90mph crapped my self, decided to change all 4, from what i can remember since 2001 there have been 7 different variations with audi trying to solve this problem, i had black to coil pack in the can and now a later revision and ther red now. i think...
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    Rear door light not working

    hello mate i ended up haveing to change the complete lock easy to do but can be expensive if you cant get a salvage part?
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    S4 Tappets

    cam chain tensioner 100% quite a common problem on audi/vw engines
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    its normally on the bottom of the sump, with a couple of bolts, you'll have to change the oil and filter at the same time as you'll loose it,
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    hello mate i had posted a thread about this, but did'nt say the previous problems i had, i regulary get the low oil light, discovered its down to the type of driveing, and short drives anyway, before hand i had the oil level sender changed, at the advice of audi, 3-4000miles later, and get...