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  1. Chromag

    S3 owner west of Scotland

    Take the S3 down the A83 to Campbeltown. That's where I'm from. Live in Glasgow now but I love blast down there from time to time.
  2. Chromag

    Hello new here, long time lurker

    Gutted myself Sandra as i'm really taken with it every time i get behind the wheel. Needs to be an estate car whatever it is and having been on awd for a long time now theres no going back. Been looking at A4 3.0 TDi Avants and a BMW 335 Xdrive Touring. Will def be returning to an S3 at some...
  3. Chromag

    Lurker says hi

  4. Chromag

    New member- New S3 Navarra Blue

    hello, new guy here too. Need pictures.
  5. Chromag

    Hello new here, long time lurker

    Hello, sorry as i know its probably not the done thing but i have been lurking for a while gaining a bit of knowledge. trying to sell my S3 now in the classifieds so i am being asked to have 3 posts before i can place links in my advert so this is number 1. Loving the enthusiasm that some of you...