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  1. 3DTDi

    dirty pic's of katie perry!! LOOK!

    Just to bring this thread back to what is should be......... Welcome to the forum by the way op :)
  2. 3DTDi

    Newbie from Bristol Hi everyone

    Welcome mate, im also in Bristol so might see you around!
  3. 3DTDi

    Hiya :)

    Welcome along, I'm quite local to north Bristol area too so not far away!
  4. 3DTDi

    Hello from Bristol

    Same user name but hdi instead of tdi. Was at the same meet as you when you 1st got your car
  5. 3DTDi

    Hello from Bristol

    Ardz, what happened to the scroton?
  6. 3DTDi

    Hello from Bristol

    welcome mate, looks like there are a few of us on here from bristol!
  7. 3DTDi


    Will do mate :)
  8. 3DTDi


    Hello! yeah will be uploading a few later on hopefully :) thanks for the welcome
  9. 3DTDi


    Hello guys and girls, new to, currently still an area rep for a large peugeot forum but thought i'd join up over here having upgraded to an A3. Will post some pics up soon :)