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  1. 3DTDi

    Detail Cancelled for Today :(

    ^^^ He's right you know! Never get any long lasting snow or anything substantial down here :( just a regular cold day
  2. 3DTDi

    Audi paint correction pad/polish combination....

    one of the pros will be along soon to give you your answer i would have thought, i am not experienced enough to give you a constructive answer lol
  3. 3DTDi

    Viro-sol...Wheel cleaning....

    one word.........Bilberry :)
  4. 3DTDi

    Polished Bliss®: Ferrari F40

    amazing car, amazing job, amazing products, your one lucky chap!
  5. 3DTDi

    Best Clay Bar / Kits ?

    3M clay is supposed to be the mut's nuts although i have never used it, bilt hamber is also very very good clay
  6. 3DTDi

    A good non-messy tyre shine

    Carplan Tyre Slik is a good value product, its spray on and shines for weeks and can be quite cheap, think morrisons do it in the petrol stations for about £3 a can, megs endurance gel in my experience does splatter dots up your sills if you use a fair bit of product
  7. 3DTDi

    alloy wheels refurbed

    Nice job you have done on those mate