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  1. Vanessa

    Traffic Lights !!! Why why why !!

    It's not only women that do this (not the make up part mind you) What really winds me up is lorry drivers with their mobile phones to their ears while hurtling down the road in charge of a potentially lethal weapon. Also not sure if this only happens in France, but people get a call while...
  2. Vanessa

    Anyone else got a wife who abuses their car

    Hi Guys, Here is my side of the story, I have an A3, husband has a VW, so I drive and change gear to the sound of the engine, I don't need the ****** thing on the dash to tell me. I am not a muppet, my dad who owned a garage taught me to drive. I don't mind how he drives his Vw, but when he...
  3. Vanessa

    What do you hate???

    Yes only the white, red likes to warm up a bit.
  4. Vanessa

    What do you hate???

    I hate when the wine bottle is empty and you don't have any more in the fridge. :faint: