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  1. t8ups

    Audi a5 2009 coupe

    Hi G. You still need this? Can you email on please? Thanks Trups Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. t8ups


    Hi Mac, Can you email on and il get you info. Thanks Trups Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. t8ups

    Audi A3 2015 TDI Interior LED (8V)

    Hi Adam. Been a 2015 model have you nt got OEM LED plate lights? Dome Light - £4 Map Reading Lights - £6 Glove Box Light - 4 Boot Light - £8.50 (a 2015 model shouldn't need this as you have 2 LED's at each side) Thanks Trups
  4. t8ups

    Plug-and-play solution for DRLs (382/P21W) on A6 4F?

    have you asked the seller of that product what they would think a solution is for that as I don't sell items like that so would not want to mis advice you on how to solve and then if something went wrong I wouldn't want any one pointing fingers. Thanks
  5. t8ups

    Outstanding order

    I do mean DEC. I finished work on dec 22, all orders placed up until the 26th got panel bulbs, before we left we had 122, (the site will not amend the amounts bought separate as interior kits can have 12 of these bulbs in 1 kit), when I returned to work on Jan 3rd this is when I would know that...
  6. t8ups

    Not impressed with product or service.

    Hi Dave. Sorry to see that you are unsatisfied with how quick I reply to your email, There is only me working at this time and I do get help now and again with work but you need to see that its not just me sat at a desk packing bulbs that i do, i work on vehicle headlights, i do lighting...
  7. t8ups

    Outstanding order

    Hi Jonnie. Sorry for the delay in replying. You order had gone onto back order, With the panel bulbs I have to send them out in order of when the order came in, as my last working day in the office was DEC 22nd, by the time we had got to Dec 26th the panel bulbs where out of stock, I do have...
  8. t8ups

    Outstanding order

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback and I am going to take it all on board, as I work single handedly I don't get a chance to get on forum like I used to. Now you have said my last posts etc where a few months ago it does look like we are not in business. Re the Auto Reply, sorry about that, I don't...
  9. t8ups

    Drl bulbs

    Hi Robert. I have a whole new range coming in November and these DRL bulbs will be the fresh set. if I remember you came over about 3 - 4 years ago to have it all fitted? Trups
  10. t8ups

    Outstanding order

    Hi. We was out the UK from the 16th - 25th but you should have your order now, if you sent an email to you would of got a auto reply to let you know this. Thanks Trups
  11. t8ups

    LED reverse & front/rear indicator bulbs

    Hi Mac. Sorry for delay. what year and car? Trups
  12. t8ups

    LED replacements

    Hi Bud. We sorted on this or you still looking? Trups
  13. t8ups

    Ice white fogs

    Hi Mac. you still need these? Trups
  14. t8ups

    A4 B7 Xenon Replacement

    HI MArk. Which LED sidelights have you got? Trups
  15. t8ups

    A4 B7 Xenon Replacement

    Hi Mark. You after like for like or you want more performance and better colour? Trups
  16. t8ups

    8p Interior Lights

    Hi Harry. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see it. you got a 8P3 - 2009 - 2012 model? Trups
  17. t8ups

    Halogen to Bi-xenon B8 Allroad

    Hi Mark. here they are - You only get 1 year warranty on these projectors. you will then also need the Shrouds which can be found here - Trups
  18. t8ups

    Mk1 TT 225 Xenon D2S Lights Very Dim

    We can take the Job on of fitting them for you. We have a kit for this now listed on our website.
  19. t8ups

    Halogen to Bi-xenon B8 Allroad

    I have some projectors in my sales section of the website which are £65 for the set but come with no warranty, they are Morimoto's old design. Trups
  20. t8ups

    Halogen to Bi-xenon B8 Allroad

    Hi Mark. have you got H1 bulbs as that's all that would fit in the Morimoto projectors, but yes, if you wanted to do It yourself then the projectors and shrouds is what you need. If its projectors and shrouds your having I can do 10% off but you will need to cover the postage cost which is...