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  1. Kalashnikov

    AdBlue System fault 2015 A6

    First gen B8 S Line. Glad you got it sorted, warranty holds those dealers on the straight and narrow
  2. Kalashnikov

    AdBlue System fault 2015 A6

    nice car....your to bleeding edge of technology am still rocking a 2008 lol hope you get it sorted
  3. Kalashnikov

    A4 new engine..not running properly

    Brb = be right back /or maybe not
  4. Kalashnikov

    best glow plugs and where from?

    Beru are audi OE
  5. Kalashnikov

    optimum rev range (low end)?

    ill just add by saying its possible to cruise below 1500rpm in my 143 tdi .@ 30-35mph i regularly use 5th.. but don't think its advised when you see hill coming up. 1) you'll risk stalling the engine 2) you'll look like an idiot