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    Turbo boost pressure?

    [ QUOTE ] Ess_Three said: But at these boost pressures using a standard turbo the inlet air temperature after the intercoolers, goes through the roof! The standard ICs can't cope...beware! [/ QUOTE ] Glen - why don't you fit one of these: Autospeed Intercooler Spray Kit I have one on order...
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    What do y'all think??

    Rich - what's the quality of the rieger bumper? - there are few of us S2 guys looking to buy RSR(RS2) bumpers and Rieger has been recommended - Was there any fannying around to get it to fit? All the holes in the right places? Minimal prep needed? Cheers
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    CLIFFORD Car alarm (Turbo Timer thing)

    I don't think it's the timer for the turbo to stop spinning that is the issue - it's if you stop the engine after the turbo has had a good workout and the oil stops getting pumped round and the turbo cooks away reducing life. I have the clifford remote start and I very rarely use it - it's only...