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  1. kcpism

    I hate people who vandalise and damage cars on purpose.

    This is a massive peev of mind. Simply no need for it. Horrible jealousy :angry:
  2. kcpism

    Vodafone broadband!

    You and your mate are both happy then? No **** x
  3. kcpism

    Vodafone broadband!

    Can't you turn that off so you can watch pron without issue?
  4. kcpism

    Thefts Getting Beyond a Joke

    Surprised they left the seats tbf! :wtf:
  5. kcpism

    EBay item not as described

    ^ The whole transaction seems like a royal **** up by the sounds of does happen occasionally but usually PayPal comes through in the end. At least you got partially sorted.
  6. kcpism

    EBay item not as described

    So, by the seller being purposefully vague they are exempt from all responsibility? That doesn’t seem fair! However the picture cleary indicates auto and the supplied wheel is manual, I can’t see how PayPal cannot side with the buyer here and authorise a refund (with you shipping back to the...
  7. kcpism

    Disrespectful aholes

    What a cheeky bint! I would have done the exact same :gun2:
  8. kcpism

    It should have been easy

    @Leevr Gutted. I was rushing around one evening and had a few d’oh moments close together which resulted in a cracked windscreen. Went through insurance and iirc was around £90 and didn’t affect my no claims.