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  1. gixxer600k4

    On me head son!!

    its as if its a film set, look how the big ball of concrete or what ever it is, stops instantly. surely that would keep going and actually crush the car, there is now way it would push the car up in air when it was swinging down
  2. gixxer600k4

    Another one for the Bikers

    he knows how to handle a bike! dont like the bmw, from the side its nice but hate the front,
  3. gixxer600k4

    Ken Block - Dirt 2 Launch at Silverstone

    i think he is one of the best drivers out there, his car control is amazing, the blokes face at 1:57 and 2:50 was so funny!
  4. gixxer600k4

    BIG ZIT!

    never eating cottage cheese again!
  5. gixxer600k4

    new ford fiesta

    the new fiesta. a very loud turbo, and turbo chatter
  6. gixxer600k4

    major idiots

    the noise it makes on the rope swing at end when he hits the wall. some of them are stupid, what was the bloke trying to achieve stood on the back of his truck
  7. gixxer600k4

    audi verses bmw .....loser lol

    lol, obviously no traction control!!!!
  8. gixxer600k4

    My S3 having fun!!

    i thought it may have been his. lol, is the insurance much more than if it were standard?
  9. gixxer600k4

    My S3 having fun!!

    whos GTI was that? hope u dont mind me asking but how much money and time has it taken to get ur s3 to what it is like?
  10. gixxer600k4

    rather nippy pretty good economy too, half a mile to a gallon, not bad
  11. gixxer600k4

    Some up river kanoing... :)

    looks very similar to these guys. awsome boat skills!
  12. gixxer600k4

    great car crossing

    do any of them drivers look where they are going, or is it a 'close your eyes and hope' strategy they use there!
  13. gixxer600k4

    I'd like to live here...

    the houses don't really seem to be extremely big/nice, looks a bit like the housing part of centre parcs! why does everyone have ferraris
  14. gixxer600k4

    impatient people the man obviously gets annoyed that he is causing so much problems!!! lol
  15. gixxer600k4

    Shocking.... literally

    video has now been deleted, but i found this on youtube, is it the same one?
  16. gixxer600k4

    funniest dog ever
  17. gixxer600k4

    a half decent driver