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    was talking to a audi dealer a while back, he had just been out to germany. what he was saying is that that they have done test and been talking about it, but they are not thinking about launching it any time soon! he said possible 2012 at the earliest, but he might be saying that as he is not...
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    3.2 vs s3 how bout this 3.2 with a turbo. i know its the 8L but hey. if i had the choice i would go for the s3 purely for the reasons that i can tune it alot, but the noise of a v6 would be tempting
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    Genuine vs. Replica Wheels

    my rs6 reps are fine, they have been through many pot holes and not been affected at all. plus, if one were to break, its a cheap replacement. if i have the money then i would go oem but i dont. spending over 1 thousand on wheel is something i would not do.
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    A3 Sport Suspension

    how much do you have to spend try some better rubber, now the summer is here
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    Audi A3 interior lights question.

    to get decent light output you will need to go for a pair like the ones you ask as you will need the more LED's i think the 3 LED is the same as a 7 or 8 watt bulb. so the 9 or even 9 LED might be more what your looking for, as someone said, just get whatever bulbs you want and fit some...
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    Audi A3 interior lights question.

    have a look here you should need the 40-44 mm for front and i think its around 38mm for back ones i have ones like these front and rear and they are very good but...
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    No plate light fault

    yea give it a try mate, cos i had LEDS and they turned on for a sec obviously when car done the system check and as it found no resistance from the LED bulbs it assumed the bulbs had broken which then stops the circuit. i had to fit some resistors for it to work, i then went on ebay and brought...
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    Pics of lowered A3's

    as no one actually seemed to be of any help, i can only find a few posts regarding springs. the mains ones mentioned are the eibach pro and sportline and the H&R
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    No plate light fault

    what bulbs were in there? if they were LED ones, the car wouldn't recognise a bulbs being there and cut power, which would then show that there is not a circuit going to that bulb. its a bit strange really as there wouldn't be a fuse just for the no. plate lights as its such a small object. go...
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    Water in battery tray!!

    try and soak up as much water as you can find, take carpets out and clean them and leave them in house for a few days to dry through, and put cars heater on with aircon on, for a while, this should dry out any moisture in the air!
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    Suspension help!!

    well people who have has the s-line suspension set-up say that the eibach and the H&R springs give it a much more forgiving ride, so i dont think it will be back breakingly harsh, possibly little bit more, i have the H&R spring sitting in a box here waiting to be fitted, just havnt had time to...
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    Water in battery tray!!

    might just be from that past few months, lots of snow melting everywhere, you possibly bringing snow into the car, creating water to get onto surfaces such as the side of battery case, and over time making a little puddle in bottom. thats the only way i can think it would get there.
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    Suspension help!!

    i think it has totally new suspension, look at the H&R springs that lower it 35mm from standard, so you will have it sitting at the same height as the s3
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    Braided hoses

    i dont currently have them on my car, but i run them on my motorbike and id say definately well worth the money! if you do lots of hard, braking then get them, if not then there is no big reason to swap them over. yea they last longer and dont bulge under pressure but like a said, if you are...
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    Water in battery tray!!

    surely there is something wrong there, you should not be getting water into the battery tray. do you have any idea where this could come from, is it from outside moisture, or from the moisture within the car?
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    help needed (COOLANT WARNING)

    it turned off again while i was driving after about ten mins, fans turned off, warning went and then the temp popped up to around 70 and increased to 90 where it normally is. could this be because the water was warm and the sensor was able to read the water being there. i have no idea, all...
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    help needed (COOLANT WARNING)

    hiya guys, i have recently started to get coolant warning lights flash up at me, first time it happened i pulled over straight away, checked under bonnet and there was plenty of coolant, opened the coolant tank lid and re-fitted it and for some reason, the warning disappeared. this has happened...
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    Best H11 FOG LIGHT BULBS Suggestion please?

    gotta be carefull though because if you fit the bulbs that have a blue coating and they say they give a whiter light and its brighter, yea it will be whiter and be more of a match to that of a xenon bulbs, the lights will be rubbish, the blue tint traps in a lot of light and temperature. ur best...
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    things like this should always be an advisory as its not a car malfunction, you can not be failed for things like that, like dice, the tester should just take it down and inform you! vosa do random check on garages now n again, my missus had vosa at their garage for the whole day because...
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    What bulbs are in the front of my car? and the Numberplate? 04 TDi S-Line

    take the bulbs out and check! i have halogen headlamps and i have h7 all round, dipped, main and fog, but as you have xenons, the bulbs type is different, the normal sidelights should be the 501 type and the number plate ones are a festoon, cant remember the size though! as i said, take them out...