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  1. kcpism

    Detailers from Cumbria

    I use a mix combo of Sams and Auto Finesse stuff. Check out: and
  2. kcpism

    Machine polish

    I would expect swirls would have been reduced for stage one (and £360). Give them a chance to correct but state if it is not up to standard that you will expect some ££ back. No need to wet sand considering the current condition as it isn't required.
  3. kcpism

    White spots on lights?!? Paint?

    Start with that as you probably have some already, then try IPA, if you don’t have any of that you could use some old aftershave/perfume. Don’t forget to use something soft like a micro fibre cloth or cotton wool.
  4. kcpism

    White spots on lights?!? Paint?

    It could be paint, it could also be compound/polish from a rotary if you haven’t had it for that long but most likely paint.
  5. kcpism

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    No pics but today I detailed my headlights and rear clusters using rotary and compound. Didn’t go OTT on the fronts as didn’t want to cut too deep but there was an inch or so scuff just above the bumper on one from the previous owner that has been bugging me for months and seeing as the...
  6. kcpism

    How to remove dog hairs

  7. kcpism

    Rain x

    Yes. Great stuff for windows BUT keep away from front screen...!
  8. kcpism

    Taking wheels off to clean them

    You'll soon know if they are not tight enough as you will hear and feel clunking noises [apparently] :whistle2: