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  1. Mindak

    My first Audi (A3 TDI S-LINE)

    Hi bud, I painted the silver crash bar behind with black Hammerite and some people cut the plastic out behind the grill but I left mine as it was black anyway, hardest part for me was removing the original grill. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mindak

    Tdi straight pipe backbox where to buy?

    First thing I did when I got my A3 Went to my local powerflow dealer and they cut them off and replaced with 75mm angled tips!
  3. Mindak

    My first Audi (A3 TDI S-LINE)

    It's the part below bud!
  4. Mindak

    My first Audi (A3 TDI S-LINE)

    This is the part I still have and is for sale!
  5. Mindak

    My first Audi (A3 TDI S-LINE)

    Not been on here for a while but unfortunately I decided to sell the car due to buying a house and not having the time to drive it, thought it was going to waste so have downgraded to a little pd130 polo! Haha If anyone is interested I did keep the flocked armrest phone holder which is now for...
  6. Mindak

    audi a3 2.0 tdi bkd coolant leak

    I purchased an egr delete kit off eBay!
  7. Mindak

    Rs3 style grill

    That cheap badge holder can be modified as most of us have done!
  8. Mindak

    Audi badge on bonnet rather than grille. Thoughts?

    I also cut the middle out, use a dremel and take your time!
  9. Mindak

    Original battery? (Starting issues)

    Mine only seems to be after being sat overnight or all day at work, if I get home then turn off and on again it'll be fine, so guessing its not the starting motor more the battery!
  10. Mindak

    Original battery? (Starting issues)

    Im having a similar issue, my Audi/vw garage said my battery seemed a bit low on Friday so went to Halfords yesterday for a 2nd battery test who said its fine! So bit unsure whether to buy one or not!
  11. Mindak

    Bye Bye Audi

    This is exactly what im planning.. moving the A3 on and replacing it with a caddy!
  12. Mindak

    A3 Sb S-line light upgrades?

    Also is yours phantom black as may be putting mine back to standard soon so may be some parts available?
  13. Mindak

    A3 Sb S-line light upgrades?

    How did you do the coming home lights is it just something you activate?
  14. Mindak

    Egr valve Enquiry

    No brainer to me, order a egr delete kit... No more trouble! Lol
  15. Mindak

    Coilovers ordered

    AP's do drive real nice but I'm one of the 'not low enough guys' they seem to sit different on different cars!
  16. Mindak

    Anybody with a phantom black sportback?

    I'm debating changing my car soon as fancy something different but will be wanting to remove as much as I can prior to sale so I don't lose out on too much money! But as Iv sold my original parts I could do parts plus cash for my s3 rear bumper and rs3 grilled front bumper! Other pats will be...
  17. Mindak

    Egr and cooler delete

    You'll need the delete kit to do the egr valve and the cooler just needs a £5 or so piece of pipe from Audi!!
  18. Mindak

    2.0 Tdi Milltek or Custom exhaust

    Just checked their website and they are a bit more than I want to pay tbh, can't get a new Milltek cat back for £386 new and the custom comes in around £300, BCS do look good though!
  19. Mindak

    2.0 Tdi Milltek or Custom exhaust

    Hi all, I fancy getting a shiney new exhaust but am torn between a milltek catback or getting a decent local exhaust company to mock up a custom one... Anyone got any good or bad feedback? Cheers