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    Panic alarm(uk) ??

    Already have one. Need a 2nd panic alarm point as couldn't get to existing as was in bed upstairs. Panel attacked to leave Manet contact intact on frame. Anyway, was a question about car. Thanks to those who answered
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    Panic alarm(uk) ??

    Thanks guys. Shame we don't have it. My old car had it when u held down both buttons for 3 sec.
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    Panic alarm(uk) ??

    hi all, I recently had an atemted break in on my house for my S3 keys. My old car used to have a function that you held down buttons on the fob and it caused the car alarm to go off, does the A3/S3 have this? Cheers all
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    How effective is air recirculation for blocking out pollution?

    hmmmm I think you need to tell yourself that before typing then
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    S3 exhaust trim

    seems a popular issue, might see audi
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    S3 exhaust trim

    Hi all, does anyone know if you can buy the exhaust trim only for the S3 or is it the whole system
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    1st Official 8V RS3 shots

    really boring, even for audi, yet again the RS3 is a bit part, at least the RS4 and 6 look a bit better than the S where as this looks the same or worse
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    Advanced key - easy theft

    so should some peoples posts
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    Jacking points A3 / S3

    Really useful input there!! cannot see the point even posting that! for some as explained above it can be helpful to get tips on better places or techniques. yes there is a manual and yes we can all read. The big difference on the 8V is the sill seam is structural where as most VAG owners for...
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    Real vs Indicated mpg

    Mine is approx 1mpg optimistic
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    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Revo Beta Stage1 Golf R MK 7 Launch - YouTube
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    Audi S3 - Performance Figures, Vbox/Pbox, 1/4m Thread...

    lets hope we get some manual results too, i reckon will be high 4s maybe
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    Next RS3 - New Info

    totally understand that viewpoint, but if my day to day commute consisted of that, i wouldnt buy an S3 anyway and probably got an Auto smaller engined petrol or diesel. each to their own tho and that goes for auto and manual. im not saying one is better than the other for anyone other than...
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    Next RS3 - New Info

    Totally agree, manual is better. DSG is ok but can easily be confused being on and off power. I got an S3 with manual because it's better drive for me. DSG just adds to the robotic isolation of cars these days
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    What are your thoughts on diesel vs petrol power delivery (test drive an S5 and RS5)

    I've not just driven both but owned both. :) The 184ps is a nice engine but very 4pot diesel. The 3.0tdi is much smoother, faster and rich. My A6 even sounded very V like. The variants I had was a manual early A5 then a late a6 245 Now have an S3 but for diesels the 3.0 is truly brilliant...
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    What are your thoughts on diesel vs petrol power delivery (test drive an S5 and RS5)

    I would say the 3.0tdi a5 feels totally different to the 184 ps engine
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    What are your thoughts on diesel vs petrol power delivery (test drive an S5 and RS5)

    The downside of the s4/5 was the lottery fuel consumption for a while. Some early engines were getting 14mpg
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    What are your thoughts on diesel vs petrol power delivery (test drive an S5 and RS5)

    A5 3.0TDi or A6 biTDi im stunned the S5 felt similar to the 184tdi.
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    Fuel economy getting better and better on 2.0 TDI 184PS.

    mine is usually about 1-2mpg out, petrol model
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    Be Careful with Aluminium Body Panels on 8V!

    weight saving and pedestrian safety