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    Should I ditch my fixed rate mortgage?

    Because your borrowing is quite low and your fixed rate is quite competitive there wont be a lot in it, the easiest way to compare it is look at what you pay now vs the new lower interest rate plus redemtion and setup costs added to the loan amount over a 12 month period. Remember that...
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    I may have found my next car?

    nice cars but not quite as good as the rivals plus the residuals will be shocking. I would go for the 4dr M3 with SMG which is £1500 cheaper than the 2dr.
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    Would You Buy In The Current Housing Market ?

    Personally i would only purchase an investment property in this climate and not a residential one. I think its just a case of waiting for banks to become less cautious with there lending and be ready to move at this point. Most people certainly younger buyers will be choosing an interest only...
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    Extravagant purchase

    Watches for me!!! Breitling avenger skyland Breitling super ocean chronograph Panerai Luminor marina
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    How many miles would you expect for £40

    no, the car is just re-mapped but that hasnt had any effect on the economy. I could get more but i like to drive fairly quick and my driving is mainly urban. On longer runs i could probably get nearer 200 however driving very hard under 100 lol
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    How many miles would you expect for £40

    around 130 miles from my 8p s3
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    Any investors on the site?

    No its my own company, i will try sell at an opportunity i get!!!!!
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    Any investors on the site?

    Hi Guys I am quite new to the site but thought since i am on here quite a lot and the Audi forum seems to be full of quite mature members i would see what the feedback was. Are any of you guys looking to purchase tenanted properties which are running cash flow posotive even with the high...