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    Newbie looking for a A3, Anyone want an A4 Avant?

    hi thanks just going thru your build thread .
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    Newbie looking for a A3, Anyone want an A4 Avant?

    hi could you pm details of sale please.
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    S3 back to the dealer

    how much do you want for it ????
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    New to Forums and S3s

    as already said that is a bit pricey , you will get a better spec s3 with fewer miles if you are patient , i sold mine for £17500 with lots of goodies and only 40k miles . be aware there are alot of crappy s3,s that have been hammered ! ! and at that age make sure the cam belt , clutch and...
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    Were can i find genuine audi alloys??

    i have a genuine set of 18" audi s3 wheels for sale , two will require tyres .
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    How much is my car worth?

    As said depends on demand when you come to sell , ive now sold mine was similar sort of spec, if you do decide to sell pepare for lots of dreamers getting in touch ........... i think you would get £17- £18k no problem as there are never many good s3 for sale in scotland. if your car is in mint...
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    S3 MPG advice

    If fuel costs are a concern do not buy an S3 , ok maybe you can get high 20s maybe even into 30s mpg but you will be driving it as slow as possible ! whats the point ? Along with insurance road tax and all other running costs the s3 is not a cheap economic car to run . i owned one for 18 months...
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    I'm struggling to find a set of alloys for my A3.

    i have genuine set of 18" s3 alloys from my 07 plate s3 . they are mint condition , two would require new tyres. p.m offers/info thanks
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    s3 sold

    I got £17500 plus kept the s3'alloys which should get around £500 for so all in £18000 . Car was 4 years old 40 k on clock . How much have you sold yours for ?
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    s3 sold

    I got the full price ! So hard to price a car , you want good cash but the Market dictates so you have to be sensible , in the current financial climate we are in to sell a 4 year old car with no warranty to a stranger for that sort of cash i am happy with price I got and the new owner is happy...
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    s3 sold

    not sure yet , the s3 was a second car so no rush to replace , will just keep looking around. audi rs4 would be nice
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    s3 sold

    yes it went with mtm,s. had to really they were very smart !!
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    s3 sold

    sad to say my s3 has now sold, was on pistonheads for 5 days :( glad to see that chunck of cash in my bank !! :) what to buy next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eyebrows:
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    What could i expect for up to 15k

    you would be hard pushed to find a nice 07 s3 for 14k . unless the seller was mental ! ! !
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    Remap Advice

    MTM 330 bhp .............. amazing !!
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    S3 400 miles on a tank....whats the record?

    Around town i get around 220 but went to hull from edinburgh and got 345 and i was not hanging around !!!!!!!!!!!great fun.....
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    S3/19" Tyres

    i use goodyear f1 235/35/19 no rubbing mtm bi motos and h&r springs nice combo............
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    ANOTHER "what`s this S3 worth" thread.....

    i advertised my car on ph last month and had about 30 guys ring with various offers some cash some p/x . then last week i done a 600 mile round trip on business and fell in love with the s3 all over again so i cant let it go just yet. forgot just how much fun it was blasting aroung the uk . as...