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    Audi corrosion warranty? The dreaded brown stuff!

    Got ine done 2 months ago,Teesside Audi done the claim and then sent it up to there body shop in Newcastle cant fault the work finish is spot on and they put a new wing on took about 8 weeks for the claim to go through.
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    Interior LED Package installed (PIC HEAVY!)

    Received mine a few weeks back,what an easy mod that makes a massive difference!Trups even helped me when he was away on holiday! top lad cheers Trups
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    What do you pay insurance wise?

    2.0T 25year old,no points,no claims, £480 a year admiral multi car policy,8 years NCB,£150 excess (group D on the postcode lottery)
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    Rust on wings

    cheers for that ste,:thumbsup:
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    Rust on wings

    The lad who done the inspection said its a common fault caused by the inner wings rubbing on the paint work,i never had a problem with my old audi's and ibiza though :uhm:, he said it was a problem right across the VAG group
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    your rides before audi

    1.0 fiesta (had for 2 weeks:puke2:) sierra cosworth replica saxo vtr fiesta zetec s 1995 A6 2.6 v6 2001 A6 2.4 v6 2002 ibiza cupra 2004 BMW 320d (M-sport) 2006 megane cc (don't ask why!!!:uhm:) and now my A3 I will try ad get some pics but my old lap top has them on
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    Rust on wings

    My car was inspected by Teesside Audi yesterday for rust on both wings and a little bit just above the rear number plate its an 06 plate what should i expect from them as it has not got a full audi service history ? all paint depths are around 121 to 126 on his gauge,has anyone had problems with...