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  1. manor13

    Interesting Avatars

    I fly this pile of junk but don't tell jabba, mofo will be wanting to carbon fibre my ***
  2. manor13

    Spotify - Worth It

    I am trying to convince myself to start using Spotify, had my account for over a year and not used it once, I have seen folks with it but whats the benefits of the premium acc, will they let me download to my iphone etc? I only really use my ipod classic in the car but thought it might be off...
  3. manor13

    Company Car Tax (P11D)

    Getting rid of mine soon as the lease is up tax code went from 953 to 441 turpin wore a mask as they say.
  4. manor13

    Sainsbury`s double value nectar points

    About time as nectar is gash!
  5. manor13

    who here is '' GYM'N '' it?

    Gym's are overpriced these days back before bannatines and david loyd all came along my yearly membership was £150 for everything fitness, pool, sauna and steam rooms they shysters came to town boom! 400, sorry its not worth it.
  6. manor13

    For the Love of Cars - Channel 4 - 8pm

    Aye but you cannae beat ed china
  7. manor13

    For the Love of Cars - Channel 4 - 8pm

    Looked ok when they started on the mexico and went all rally and light i thought wtf, lucky they redeemed themselves , bit more on the resto though lol.
  8. manor13

    Trainers - Whose into them??

    Need my all time fav,s zx600 like in the 80's not the newer ones , had a pair of reebok's as well never seen them brought out again maroon runners sure they were a number as well
  9. manor13

    Surround Sound Question

    I see these everyday and my two fav's are the Sonos soundbar @ £599 intergrates with ipod, and other sonos equip dear but better than the bose equivelant down the scale Phillips HTL5120 @ £250 if it integrated with my ipod i would have bought one but saving for the sonos.
  10. manor13

    Free Meguiars Car Wash Samples

    got mine today:thumbsup:OP
  11. manor13

    What are the downsides of a full car wrap?

    there's another guy on detailing world - Magic Valet he does lots of wrapping and they all look good jobs as he posts them up. How much is a full spray or even the bits your not happy with being done on a 8P?
  12. manor13

    Paul Walkers Garage/Car collection

    Some good cars there its an everday performance car collection rather than cars you couldn't take out and drive for fear of them being damaged like Veyron's and California's.
  13. manor13

    broadband? who are you with?

    the lazy mans fix
  14. manor13

    broadband? who are you with?

    virgin sacrifice upload speed to give more download speed as you dont really send much info out.
  15. manor13

    broadband? who are you with?

    you need to see if its worth moving as you maybe moving to another co who will give the same. might be your line length what speed do you get currently? log into your router admin admin > router status > show statistics and tell me what you see for downstream ATTN and sn margin
  16. manor13

    Best Xbox360 package

    so they are not all HDMI. looking at a 360 elite 120gb with 2x contollers and games &headset , it has wirelss adaptor as no wireless built in, but i was going to hardwire or put over powerlines. £120 good deal???
  17. manor13

    Best Xbox360 package

    I am looking to get a Xbox360 (preowned)for my son but there's a few packages out there whats the best size Elite, 4GB then do the HDD mod or just get a 250Gb or 20GB to many to choose from lol. Got the ps3 already but his mates all play xbox live
  18. manor13

    F.A.O Everone who was after shorter reg plates!

    legal bits aside is it a plate cut down and the edges sanded down?
  19. manor13

    Best RS4 rep iv ever seen

    thats a big bag of NO!