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    18" Black Oz Ultraleggera. s3 8l fitment for sale/swap

    Set of four 18" Black OZ Ultraleggera wheels for sale 2 x Almost new federal tyres and 2 x Parada spec 2's with approx 3mm of tread left. The wheels are all straight and true however due to light curbing could probably do with a refurb. Looking for £400 or will consider a swap with a set of...
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    S3 or Mini Cooper S

    The same one where all the gay diesel drivers work :)
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    S3 or Mini Cooper S

    personally i would choose the mini as i think the 8l looks dated, plus the mini should hold its value better and handles great.
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    Audi S3 (Revo'd) vs Integra Type-R (97)

    was it a dc2 or dc5??? Also if he was at 8k then he was pretty much hitting the limiter (unless he had a k pro) which is just over 60 and basing it on how my mapped s3 performs 60 is about the limit in 2nd (based on my 8p s3). Do a few runs and see how your cars compare that will give a better...