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  1. Chromag

    For Sale Audi S4 Avant B9

    Price drop down to £29k ono
  2. Chromag

    Wanted Audi S4 Avant B9

    Ive just advertised mine if youre interested.....
  3. Chromag

    For Sale Audi S4 Avant B9

    Red 17 plate 21k Miles. In use so will climb. 19" Wheels B&O Audi Virtual Cockpit Matrix LEDs Flat bottom steering wheel Reversing camera. Memory Seats and folding mirrors. Dont know if these are standard but I've seen folk requesting them in spec so guessing they are. £29500 Located in Glasgow...
  4. Chromag

    Sold 2001 Silver Audi S3 8L 71k

    Sold. Can someone please tell me how to change the title on the original post?
  5. Chromag

    Sold 2001 Silver Audi S3 8L 71k

    Another price drop. £4750 ovno
  6. Chromag

    Wanted S3 wanted.
  7. Chromag

    Sold B8 Sprint Blue S4 Avant.

    I am the previous owner and it's a shame you've got to get rid of it as it is a very nice example. Fully loaded with £10k worth of optional extras on what was the flagship A4 at the time before the RS4 arrived. The gearbox replacement was carried out by Glasgow Audi.
  8. Chromag

    Sold 2001 Silver Audi S3 8L 71k

    The Explosif is gone but the S3 remains. Price drop to £5000 ovno. Along with the £1k its now had two new front wheel bearings.
  9. Chromag

    Sold 2001 Silver Audi S3 8L 71k

    Selling my S3. 71433 Miles. May rise slightly £5200 OVNO £2700 spent on upgrades/mods £1000 spent today on MOT and servicing. Its Silver with FSH, mostly from Audi up until 52k. 3 owners from new including myself. Nogaro Blue interior. Stage 1 Revo remap has taken it to 267bhp. Koni Str.T...
  10. Chromag

    For Sale 2001 Silver Audi S3 8L 71k 3 owners. Nogaro Blue Interior.

    FSH, 71k miles, All receipts, Timing belt & water pump done 1 year ago. Custom BiXenon headlights from the last group buy on here. The brightest lights i've ever seen! BOSE sound system, Nogaro Blue Interior, Owned by a mechanical engineer and v.lightly modified. Drives like new. FASH up till...
  11. Chromag

    Wanted Looking for a good 8L S3 £5k Max - not highly modified.

    Silver 2001 Audi S3 8L. 71285 miles. £5000. 3 owners from new. Stage 1 Revo has taken it to 267.2bhp so its a superb motor. Custom BiXenons from last years group buy. Koni suspension and Forge rear tie arms. Nogaro blue interior. New headlight washers and cover plates, timing belt and water pump...