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    Springs or coilovers?

    hello dude, dont wait your money on springs alone, either get a spring shock set or better yet a coil over kit (adjustable) get a good brand tho, your standard shocks arent designed to be used at a lowered level, they'll knacker out qiuckly unless you've got s4 shocks, trust me you'll be...
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    Upper Control Arm

    tried that, but the bolt in question runs through a notch on the ball joint end, hence you have to remove the bold inorder to get the ball joints out....right pain,
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    Upper Control Arm

    hello mate i had the same problem on mine, the nut came off but the bolt wouldnt slide out, basically with allot of banging with a thin rod WD40 and my dad turning the bolt with a spanner at the same time the bolt came out, i noticed that it was bent due to the way the the bolt holds the ball...