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  1. plezz

    Springs 35mm/50mm??

    have you thought about coilovers? You'd have an adjustable drop then. you could lower it a few mm every day untill it starts scraping, and then go back a bit.
  2. plezz

    E90 318d M Sport vs 8P A3 Black Edition

    lol i have 2 other black '60 plate sportbacks in my work car park that are exactly the same as mine, so sometimes even i don't know which is my if i cant see the plate! all private as well as my firm uses pugs as the company car.
  3. plezz

    Springs 35mm/50mm??

    i'd say get 35mm then if 50 used to catch. or get 50mm and thicker tyres lol
  4. plezz

    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    thanks Mate, i havent a clue on my ce unit unfortunately! and no Vag access either :( i'll just keep my eyes out for this thread and see how things develop and go from there! :) oem LEDs would be nice, i always feel a little safer putting them in as opposed to aftermarket stuff, even if they...
  5. plezz

    Silver A3 pics with modifield alloys

    sorry dude, hvaent got a clue. i just saw the pic and cut and pasted it in here. i would guess 18 or 19s. looks like an S3 so would assume as well its lower than your car, as yours is a sport - probably about 20-30 mm lower.
  6. plezz

    Silver A3 pics with modifield alloys

    dont forget, whatever colour you get you could get refurbed to bright silver if thats what you are after. if you work out the costs of getting it done, you might be able to find a cheap set you like in the 'wrong' colour, then get them refubed to a colour you like and it might not cost too much.
  7. plezz

    Silver A3 pics with modifield alloys

    hi newa3, check out the rimz thread. i guarantee you, you'll find a nice silver A3 with some good rims in there somewhere. if you don;t i promise i will eat my own head. Live on webcam...
  8. plezz

    A3 Sportback Alloys

    you could upgrade the DRL's from crappy **** yellow, to a nice white LED> it won't look quite as nice as the bar of LED lights in the s line, but it will still look a lot nicer than the yellow halogens. there is a thread somewhere on here where they were doing a group buy for non-error DRLS -...
  9. plezz

    Returning member

    i went for the cheapest option - a connects2 adapter. it plays music but other than that its pants. if i'd paid an extra £50 i could have got a dension gateway 100 that lets me change albums and artists with the steering controls, and even displays the song title in the DIS - neither of which...
  10. plezz

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    thanks Gents, much appreciated :icon_thumright: I'll now go and have a good look on the bay!
  11. plezz

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    Hi all, i hope this is the correct place for this post, if not please accept my apologies! i was considering getting some new wheels a while back, but was undecided. now i'm even more undecided as another set have grown on me. would anyone know what these wheels are commonly known as? ie...
  12. plezz

    HELP! Ipod noob issues

    although it can be fun pulling up next to a barry boy in his corsa blasting out kiss fm, then dialling my fm transmitter into the frequency, and making him listen to the carpenters. :respekt:
  13. plezz

    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    Hey P5SND, just to make sure i understand correctly, will these lights work in the 58 onwards facelift models? Mine is a 60 reg - october 2010 model, and was thinking of getting a set, but wasn't sure if they were for pre facelift models only. thanks, Plezz
  14. plezz

    HELP! Ipod noob issues

    hi garuf, check out or dension they both do adapters that allow you to plug the ipod directly into the stereo, which has better sound quality, allows you to charge it while listening, and allows you to change tracks with the stereo buttons. much better than dodgy fm...
  15. plezz

    New A3 Information

    Hi all, to a lot on here this is probably old news, and if this link has been posted elsewhere, please feel free to delete this thread, but i just received an email from Audi (im on the mailing list) with lots of details on the new A3. New Audi A3 | M25 Audi again, i'm not sure how much of...
  16. plezz

    Project Audi A3 (start date 27th april 10 )

    i agree with Warbey about the rings, but Jeezy Creezy thats such an improvement since day 1!
  17. plezz

    What gets your OCD going?

    Haha, i do the same. I keep 3 clothes within arms reach at all times, and start dusting everytime i pull up at a set of traffic lights.
  18. plezz

    What gets your OCD going? wifes make-up caked finger prints all over the glove box, where she puts her make up on, then decides to get the ipod out the glove box. my other peeve, is her travelling with the glove box open so she can hold the ipod while I drive, then all my CDs falling out whenever i brake. ARGH!
  19. plezz

    Blue Sportback -> S3 body kit in progress

    Hi Luap13, i like that theme - blue with hints of silver works really well, and your car is looking lovely so far. i love the wheels.