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    Speedo Probs

    It is probably the white plastic that has come away and fouling on the needle - very common problem. HTH PS - has lots of info on this
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    Overboost problem

    Boost leak - check for lots of threads on how to test and fix.
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    S2 Avant front driveshafts

    I am sure there is a trick to this where you do not hit it with a hammer but use the bolt to push it off - look on - I read it somewhere in there. HTH
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    RS2 door mirrors

    Have you tried - I got the complete kit of parts for both for £280 ish. You could grind the hex off after you have fitted them? Bit drastic but it will stop them disappearing. How often have you had to remove them anyway? And if you did have to, you could just grind the whole...
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    Hi from Istanbul-Turkey

    Ian - what intake pipe? The one bolted along the side of the block? If so, I think it is made from mild steel so it might rust. I sprayed mine chrome - Don't know if that will reflect heat more but at least it looks better. Not seen many black S2 coupes - got any more pics - and of your pipe?
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    550bhp S2

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    Hey Doug

    How´s the NOS running?