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  1. S3 NIK

    A4 avant, non quattro, tyres?

    I have just put Toyo Proxes T1-R on my car (235 40 18's) at 125 quid a corner. Seem ok but there again i don't push them too much as i drive an avant diesel lol. Nik.
  2. S3 NIK

    Possible brake problem

    I have owned my car since last September and on a few occasions i have thought my brakes weren't working as they should. Basically i have been approaching a roundabout for example, pressed the brake pedal, and i slow down, but not at the rate i should. The pedal feels firm but doesn't respond...
  3. S3 NIK

    a few issues with my 2.0 tdi (poor mpg and suspected alternator belt tensioner seizin

    My avant does 39-40 but only has a three mile run to work. Managed to get 53mpg on a 40 mile run once though. With currently 18k miles will the mpg improve with mileage?
  4. S3 NIK

    Clutch or gear box?!

    Didn't imagine the cost would be so high, mines only done 17k so hopefully there's plenty of life left in it :unsure: Nik.
  5. S3 NIK

    Clutch or gear box?!

    If you are paying why take it to Audi? My local dealer charges around £100 an hour labour, far cheaper to use a local specialist. There is no way i would take my car back to Audi for anything other than warranty work. Nik.
  6. S3 NIK

    Steering problems, I need some advice

    I have recently bought an A4 avant and with good tyres all round and it pulls to the left although on some roads not always noticable. Now you mention yours does it maybe it is a trait of the car.......
  7. S3 NIK

    Trouble unlocking car

    I'll state the obvious, one press only opens the drivers door, two to open all doors but you've tried that? Nik.
  8. S3 NIK

    Buying 55reg 2.0tdi s line

    Fairly recently bought an 1.9TDI A4 avant 2008 '57' from a main dealer to ferry my dog and mountain bikes around, is this likely to be a BLB, if so i'm going to rip into my suppying dealer if it a known problem..... Where do i find the engine code?
  9. S3 NIK

    Which A4 Avant?

    I have just bought a 2008 TDI Avant SLine and it is top quality. I bought it for family reasons and it works well in that respect. A4 Avants in my opinion are the best looking estate on the market and mine with its 18" wheels & privacy glass looks amazing, this coupled with very good running...
  10. S3 NIK

    RETRO FIT - Arm Rest

    I've recently bought an A4 and i asked the dealer what it would cost to fit an arm rest and they wanted £300 quid!!!! Needless to say i gave it a miss. Nik.
  11. S3 NIK

    Audi Sat Nav

    Thanks for the advice on the sd cards. Card delivered yesterday so i quickly zapped half a dozen albums onto it an hey presto, much bettter than the multichanger!!! Nik.
  12. S3 NIK

    Audi Sat Nav

    Please excuse my ignorance as i haven't read the manual yet but what is TMC and RNS-E?
  13. S3 NIK

    Audi Sat Nav

    How is the music displayed on screen, one big list or split into albums? I suppose my question is how do i put the songs onto the card? Nik.
  14. S3 NIK

    Audi Sat Nav

    I've just checked the dvd and its a 2008 version so i'm guessing that's the most up to date. I do know about the SD slots but haven't got around to sorting out some mp3's as of yet. Don't you need a blue tooth kit for the phone to connect? Only had the car a week so not had chance to fully...
  15. S3 NIK

    Audi Sat Nav

    I've just bought a 2008 A4 Avant Sline with sat nav and i have to say my TomTom is far better. I have tried two addresses in the last couple of days and neither are on the map. When i bought the car the salesman was giving me the demo and tried my home post code which didn't come up either so he...
  16. S3 NIK

    S3 Versus Focus RS

    Not trying to be funny but...... Old car plus after market exhaust = remap Why? How about your's is mapped, his isn't so by rights you should have ket up with him.
  17. S3 NIK

    Traction Control Wont Turn On When Driving?

    In which case there's a fault somewhere and it would need a diagnostic check to pin point the fault. Nik.
  18. S3 NIK

    Traction Control Wont Turn On When Driving?

    The esp light comes on with ignition then should go out as with the air bag light for example. The only time its lit is when you turn it off as a reminder its been manually turned off and when its actually working ie when you are losing traction, when this happens it flashes on and off quickly. Nik.
  19. S3 NIK

    Xenon headlight washers

    Ok thanks. The reason i'm asking is a guy i know has had his car in for faulty washers and he was told it was an mot requirement on xenons that they worked. Nik.
  20. S3 NIK

    Xenon headlight washers

    Is it true that xenon headlights must have washers in order to pass an mot test. ie Like the S3 pop washer jets. Nik.