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  1. Dean's A3

    TDI S3 Hybrid Facelift 2010 (PIC HEAVY)

    Cheers, I'm glad I did it when I did, I don't think I would have been able to justify the expense now had I waited... Lol, it's a hybrid of sorts but not the turbo.. Cheers mate, you're right about ETKA & ELSAWIN, don't forget VCDS too to complete the package, I deffo needed all three...
  2. Dean's A3

    TDI S3 Hybrid Facelift 2010 (PIC HEAVY)

    It wasn't hard as such, you have to have the nerve to drill into the roof though and remove part of the headlining. I had a courtesy car which had this aerial on it so took the opportunity to measure it so as to have mine in the OEM position. You get mostly 8 satellites as opposed to about 3 if...
  3. Dean's A3

    Spoiler fitting

    Black roof is Open Sky (sunroof) for the SB but you can have it wrapped or painted. Also comes with the black spoiler to match.
  4. Dean's A3

    Stupid clock in my car. !??!!

    Or, one of those radio time controlled clusters? Depending on where you are and presence of pirate radio stations etc and lazy DJ's/MC's who don't set their station RDS clocks ..
  5. Dean's A3

    I Guess I Went "In"

    Wow, good job N8, liking the bespoke stuff especially plate recesses and alcantara!
  6. Dean's A3

    Can roof rails be retro fitted?

    Templates come with the retro roof rail kit when ordered from Audi..
  7. Dean's A3

    DSG - Take it out of Drive when stationery?

    Yes, newer facelift DSG's do have start/stop, not sure if it comes as standard or as an option though. Depending on the length of traffic lights, I will put mine to N and handbrake, and on longer lights I will switch off in addition..
  8. Dean's A3

    RS3 roof spoiler adjustment visible in rev counter

    Lol, you're not alone, tried to price quite a few bodywork items for curiosity myself but no prices available as yet..
  9. Dean's A3

    DSG oil change prices

    There are 3 or 4 Audi dealers by me and they all cannot price match Stafford Audi prices! I have a service advisor I speak to and make sure they understand what I want doing, and double check when I get there. I think everyone should do this when you're taking your cars in for service and...
  10. Dean's A3

    Tyre pressures?

    Anyone know tyre pressures for 245 35 19's by any chance?
  11. Dean's A3

    DSG oil change prices

    DSG oil and filter change £149 @ Stafford Audi, bargain me thinks..
  12. Dean's A3

    S3 Haldex mount.... Broken.

    Do you know the part number of the part you require?
  13. Dean's A3

    Facelift A3 Headlight Switch

    What a coincidence, just fitted this same switch to mine over the weekend as could not find an 8P equivalent, but there SHOULD be an 8P one surely. Would it make a difference though if it's in 8P or 8J guise though apart from having 8P at the beginning of the part number?
  14. Dean's A3

    A3 Sportback - 2010 8P3 S3 Facelift

    The only wiring done directly to my CE was the LED's from the headlights. Everything else was done under the bonnet. You have to bear in mind that pre-facelift headlights are 10 pin and facelift ones are 14 pin. I was not confident in doing this myself so I outsourced it to someone more competent.
  15. Dean's A3

    A3 Sportback - 2010 8P3 S3 Facelift

    Yes, the locations are exactly the same and can only go into the correct locations so you cannot get it wrong which is great.
  16. Dean's A3

    09 Cluster Fitted!

    As far as I remember the old red cluster din't do this which makes it a bit pointless in my opinion..
  17. Dean's A3

    RNS-E straight fit?

    Yes it is, with MkII you get enhanced SD card storage upto 32gig x2, faster processor as well as ability for AMI. For Tv, you need hybrid receiver, 2x boot amplifiers, wiring etc..
  18. Dean's A3

    RNS-E straight fit?

    I'll have to investigate this one :think:, I know one of them is not connected up (grey connector I think) I have aux heating though..
  19. Dean's A3

    RNS-E straight fit?

    It's not that expensive if you want everything to work properly, under dash GPS antenna receives 4 to 5 satellites and OEM about twice that. You can also improve your Bluetooth and GSM reception as well..