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    Under bonnet fuse map

    I cannot seem to find my car manual at present.. I have an A3 2.0 tdi 2006 Please can some upload a labelled under bonnet fuse map? Thanks
  2. J

    Cleaning brake dust of painted alloys

    I have a set of alloys refurbed black. The wheels are currently covered in brake dust which doesnt seem to want to come of with just soap. Can someone recommend me an affective cleaner as i have heard stories in the past were the cleaners have stripped the paint. Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Knocking noise

    There is a knocking noise coming from underneath the car suspension related. Usually happens when going over bumps. At first I thought it was just the offside front but I think it might also be from the rear!? The car is lowered on springs and has shortened shocks Any suggestions what this...
  4. J

    S Line 8P front end

    Have a 2006 A3 and currently looking for part to carry out the s line conversion, apart from the front bumper and fog lights do I need the grill or can I keep the same grill as I can get it sprayed black?
  5. J

    S3 insurance on young driver...

    what insurance company is that? can i ask :)
  6. J

    what lowering springs?

    Hey guys hope you can help. Got a a4 b7 se sline. Looking to get it lowered but not OTT. Just want slightly lower than standard. As I am new to this. What mm springs am i lookin at? and also which springs kit manufacturers are good? Cheers. Jace
  7. J

    07 B7 A4 with RNS-E - Removal of centre console

    hey lee. You said your cars stage 3? is that remap stage 3? wots the bhp and torque and how much it cost ya?
  8. J

    s4 mirrors

    hey lee ive got the b7 a4 Special edition. I noticed they dont have the parking sensors or full closure window system. Do you have this on yours?
  9. J

    s4 mirrors

    ok mate ill check on ebay for the s4 caps. cheers
  10. J

    s4 mirrors

    Hey lee . Yep I have folding mirrors at the mo, but I was wondering if you can get electronic aluminum folding mirrors controlled by a button inside the car maybe? is this possible.
  11. J

    s4 mirrors

    Hey guys. Ive just bought a a4 b7 s line. Just wondering if the s4 aluminium mirrors you can get are electronic folding? If so can you buy these or if any one selling as spare as I would like these as first mod to car. Cheers Jace
  12. J

    RNS-E eject

    cheers m8
  13. J

    RNS-E eject

    Cheers Lee just recieved your email. I will go and purchase the adapter. Also may require the disc from you. Are you on msn mate? Jace
  14. J

    RNS-E eject

    Hey Ibis edition. I know this is a totally different question. But Ive just bought a B7 a4 with RNS. Im trying to play videos on this. I want to know how i go about doing this e.g. through sd card? dvd disc or ipod? Any help would be appreciated . Cheers Jace
  15. J

    whats this worth?

    lol about wannabes .. you have a good point.
  16. J

    whats this worth?

    i meant... how much would you pay for that?
  17. J

    whats this worth?

    57k fsh 2.0 tdi full s3 rep full leathers
  18. J

    Sport, Se & S-line

    so everything after SE comes with rain/light sensors and cruise control?
  19. J

    Sport, Se & S-line

    what is the difference between these models? also when did audi release each 8p audi a3s? new to a3s so just wondering when each face was released...
  20. J

    different a3's

    when did audi release each 8p audi a3s? new to a3s so just wondering when each face was released...